Is there a hair product that will keep my hair straight?

i live in florida but its always so humid and hot down here . I always hafta stay in the A/C because if I go outside I sweat and my hair curls back up. is there any hair product I can use to make my hair sweat resistant or water resistant so it won't curl back up when its wet.

ive also heard of chemically straightening my hair I did it once but it curled up like 4 days later. is that the stylist fault or that chemicaly straightening doesn't work.

dont comment on me having the emo style or that I straighten my hair because a lot of guy do it


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  • Haha I have this same problem only I am a girl. Personally I love curly hair on guys. But if you don't like it try Paul MItchell Straight Works. That's what I just bought and it works really well. It never says it is only for female hair so I am assuming it would work on your hair. You can get it at CVS or at a hair salon. But CVS is the only authoried ealer of Paul Mitchell so if oyu get it anywhere else except those places it might be counterfeit. link


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  • try a palmade. a really good one from a salon. Ask them what it is if you don't know.

    it works really well for me when I curl my hair. I have really heavy thick straight hair and when I use a curling iron it doesn't hold the curls. when I use the palmade it works really well.

  • Try Garnier Fructice Sleek & Shine leave-in conditioner

    I have super thin hair that always gets frizzy and weird in humidity and I found that leave-in conditioner is a great anytime fix because you can put it on wet hair OR dry hair


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