What should I do with my hair?

I'm 1/2 African American and it's really long and tangled and curly and unmanageable.

I try to straighten at 320 and it gets straight but like 30 min. to an hour later it's a frizz ball. I put frizz-ease in it and that helps tame the frizz a little but not enough to make it sleek and shiny and it doesn't make it stay straight longer.

I'm afraid to crank it up to 400 and risk burning my hair. Advice please. I can't be confident with my hair like this and I'm tired of people having negative things to say about it. I would just like to have it sleek and straight every now and then without having to pay a fortune.


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  • Truth be told, it could just be your iron.

    While my hair is really thin, its EXTREMELY curly. I went through the same problem. Turns out it was mainly because I wasn't using a good iron, I bought one from cvs or walmart or something, it was a conair iron.

    Not too long ago, I invested in a good iron and not only can I crank it to 420 degrees without being too worried, I can iron it every 5-6 days and not have severe hair damage. And my hair is THIN.

    What I do is wash it, put a dime size amount of Redken Smooth Down (heat protectant) and blow dry it with a round brush or paddle brush. The goal is to separate the curls and take out unnecessary moisture. This is key to fighting frizz, trust me, I live in Miami, fl and DC- The capitol of humidity. Blow dry it as straigh as possible, if you look like a puffed poodle, you're probably doing it right lol

    Then I spray CHI iron guard 44 on the ends of my hair and on the back of my hair, avoiding any parts that might get oily fast, and kind of work it through.

    Then using a good iron, I straighten it in small sections. It should basically glide through.

    Good irons that I've tried:

    CHI- It works great, gives that pin straight look in a snap! The only issue is there's only one heat setting and causes a little bit more damage than the other ones that I've tried. I would suggest the max use being once a week, with hair breaks lasting 3 days of nurturing (deep conditioners). But they're REALLLLLY good. They cost like 70-90 dollars depending on where you get it. My roommate has one and I use it all the time for events, or when I'm in a hurry. It never fails.

    HAI- Doesn't work as well as the chi, or as fast, but it still gives really straight hair. It also does less damage, I feel. Its the only one I own. It works really well and keeps a lot of the volume at the top of my head, wheres the chi does not. I love it for my bangs. Sometimes when I use my roomies chi, I'll use my HAI for my bangs :P I got it on Folica.com for 80 dollars.

    GHD- My cousin has it. It is in fact the god of all straighteners. SO quick, SO easy, and it causes the least amount of damage. I just can't afford it. Its like 200 dollars, maybe 160 if you're lucky. BUT ITS SOOOOO GOOOOODDDD.

    Again, investing in a hair straighter will save you money and really make you happy. Using a cheap one your hair becomes brittle and you have to constantly buy new ones.

    Good luck!

    • I have a CHI. I blow dry my hair with a round brush too.

      I don't know, maybe I will try the CHI Iron guard since everyone is recommending it (I've always thought it was too expensive so I get the cheaper alternatives) and I'll try cranking it up to 400 to see if it will make my hair straighter.

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  • And you are spending far too much time and expense with it. Make a Short Afro.




    ...dependent on how tightly it curls and how easily it breaks off, and get on to more important things like a college education.

    • My hair texture is different than the women in the links and I'm in college getting my education thank you very much.

    • Damn that was a rude answer!

  • I recommend you don't use any of that crap on your hair. Only natural things like coconut oil...that will calm your hair...

  • i would love to have african hair, because I'd have a fro-hawk. =)


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  • Got the exact same thing. It simply won't straighten unless I crank it up to 400. And then as soon as I wash my hair, It's in a big fluffy frizzball for a week. I find the best thing to do with mine is comb it out in the shower while its got conditioner in it so the tangles come out easy, then rinse and smooth just a little conditioner over it and let it air-dry. The weight helps keep down the frizz, although it also makes your hair less curly. Plus it feels super soft :)

  • Yea I have the same problem. But I always crank my straightener up to 400. And I use Olive Oil spray in my hair and it never gets frizzy even in the rain. And if your looking for new hairstyles I go on youtube to look up hairstyles for curly hair have fun and don't feel self conscious. (good luck hope this helps) :)

    • Wow you crank it up to 400? Does you hair ever get damaged?

      I haven't tried Olive Oil spray but I've tried other "oils" and it makes my hair kinda weighed down and stiff.

    • no my hair never gets damaged only when tried that relaxer, I will never get on again.lols

  • you could switch flat irons, you could do a lot of things to try and get it straight.

    but honestly, you might want to start trying to work WITH your hair instead of against it. maybe it's time to stop trying to get your hair to do something it obviously doesn't want to.

    go on these websites:




    just something to think about as an alternative to straightening...

  • Get a keratin treatment. It could really help make your hair sleeker and more managable.

  • your hair may be damaged. get to a good salon for an assessment. let them do your hair once and then you can maintain it at home. they may be able to tell you if its damaged but it sounds like your hair probably is.

    do you have a relaxer?

    what is your hair regimen? you are probably lacking moisture in your hair. get some hair moisturizer (olive oil moisturizer by hollywood beauty is a good one) and apply it to your hair daily. if your hair is dry then it won't hold styles well and will just be a tangly mess. after your moisturize, add a light hair oil to lock in the moisture, otherwise it will just evaporate.

    before you wash your hair. do a hot oil treatment. I like to use olive oil, I think its the best. also you can wash your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. switch to a shampoo and conditioner that is SULFATE FREE.

    use chi silk infusion before heat styling. I use it when my hair is damp before blow drying and add a little bit before flat ironing.

    make sure when you flat iron your hair that you are taking very small sections of your hair instead of bigger sections

  • Don't be afraid of using heat on your hair as long as you're using a protectant.

    I recommend Chi Silk Infusion, it will make your hair more manageable, less frizzy and more shiny while protecting it from heat.

    I also recommend using a detangling comb, shampoo and conditioner (the Pantene line works well).

    • I feel like heat protectant just make my hair not straighten. I end up having to go over each section way more times when I use heat protectant.

      I don't have a hard time detangling my hair, it just takes a while. My main issue is that my hair won't straighten.