What does this sound like? am I just another girl?

there's this one guy, he is really cute and funny and everything.

and I'd seen him around before and had little conversations with him, but one day I was on facebook and he started tagging his best friend in all of my pictures and then we started talking over i.m. and then later that week he was hanging out with some mutual friends and then I went to hang out with them too, and we were talking a lot and then we started talking over facebook and when we're with our mutual friends but then in person he's always just looking at me and he never says anything? but we were talking and don't judge me but he said for Christmas he got me a joint and I've never been high before but I've been planning on doing it and that's what he got me for Christmas and I told him that he has to be there the first time I get high and he said he wouldn't miss it. but his best friend told my sister that he's pretty sure that he likes me, but I'm not sure what that means. I don't know if he likes me or if I'm just like another girl to him? kinda confused...


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  • hummmm... idk... why do you wanna do drugs. I'm not sayin anything I'm just saying like if you want to fine but like what if you get so high and he rapes you or w.e.. maybe you know him but what if he's not what you think. Your friends might think he 's safe cool sweet but yeah. just sayin and if youthink he is fine than ummm just go for it. your so younge actually kinda my age I bet take risk but safe ones. this one I don't know if it's safe but just take it and lear from your misk=takes in th efuture you willnever learn and know how to walk untill to fail :D

    • well, it's just getting high I've been thinking about it forever and there's actually nothing wrong with marijuana, it can't kill you you can't get cancer and the only thing that bothers you is the smoke and if you use a vaporizer you'll be fine. and your still concious of what your doing while high so he wouldn't rape me. not like he'd try anyways, I know he'd never I know that for a fact. he would never do anything more than I would want to, I know this I'm friends with his sister.

    • oh OK than just go for it

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  • Lmao that dude is lame, He going to give a girl a joint from Christmas but not his friends.. plus who would think of that as a Christmas gift... That's suspect. You're definitely not just another girl, most girls would look as weed as a turn off unless they try it or know about it.

    P.S some people don't like the feeling of being high.. The whole idea of getting high on Christmas is just suspect.


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  • i think he probably thinks your cute but what does it say about a man who wants to get you high? I'm not saying he's a bad person but it does sound like he doesn't have the best intentions. if you feel like you can handle yourself and not b persuaded to do everything he wants to then maybe you two will work out. it sounds like he's taking intrest in u. y dont' you make some moves and find out

    • yeah I agree tooo lol

    • haha I guess I should have worded that better.

      he's not the one that wants to get me high, I actually went to him about it.