How I get it so I get called "HOT" by guys?

I wear clothes that fits me well, like tight shirts/ pants, mini skirts with black boots and leather jacket. I wear makeup on my eyes and I wash my face and have straight white teeth. I'm not fat or too skinny.

But I never get called hot. I get called cute but I don't know what guys mean by that.



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  • Hot is more of an attitude. Sure it usually

    means a girl who wears fairly revealing clothes, but if the girl is a devout Christian, believe me, no one is going to call her hot..and there are some devout Christian women who dress that way...

    No, you have to have an outgoing personality, be fairly flirty verbally, and also, look at guys fairly openly.


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  • Cute is like puppy dog eyes or babies they're usually cute, hot is like mature puppies that know what they are doing, like wearing a bikini, of like a picture of you looking exotic.

    You can't really force guys to make you say hot on purpose, unless you beat them up or change something about yourself which is both a no-no just keep it 100.


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  • In my experience,being called HOT just means he likes the exterier,but not necessarily who you are as a person. I would prefer being called cute or beautiful over being called hot. It seems to have more substance.

  • Cute is a better compliment in my opinion. It means you're attractive AND you've got a nice personality.

    Hot is just purely physical and shallow. Sure it's nice, but it gets old pretty fast.

    And maybe if you toned it down and were more understated and subdued with your sex appeal guys would like your style more.