A girl on a motorcycle?

What do guys think about girls riding motorcycles? Should I get a sports bike or a cruiser?

I will be using it as my main transportation to get around college (on the West coast). Cruisers are more comfortable (and I will be doing some highway driving), but sports bikes are pretty sweet. I am from the south, and I don't want to come off too butch or intimidating to guys. I have been riding four-wheelers my whole life, and they all know I like to go mudding, ride horses, etc. I am also not the skinniest girl on the block. So what do y'all think?


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  • Nothing wrong with chicks on bikes.

    If you want a combination between a sports bike and a cruiser, check out the KLR 650 with lowering links and an after market seat. Can't beat the price. Can't beat the ride. You can beat the performance, but not as easily as you might think. Most often I commute 30 miles (one way) on poorly maintained pavement, but I've done an 800 mile highway trip, and I've pounded through the woods in a muddy rain storm and it handled both just fine.

    Ride safe.

    • Thanks! I'll look into that!

      I was thinking about either a Honda Shadow Spirit 750, a Yamaha V-Star 650, or a Kawasaki Ninja.

    • Not a fan of Ninjas. They're fast and look sexy, but they've got a one-track mind. They're not designed for comfort. They're not designed for commuting. They're not designed for variable road surfaces. They're not designed to handle occasional mud. They're racing bikes, designed to go fast. They do that well, but that's all they do well. That Honda is a nice ride, though, especially for the type of riding you've described. If the KLR is too dualsporty for your taste, that would be my no.2

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  • Personally I love the idea of a girl on a motorcycle. But if you're torn between a cruiser or a sportbike then you haven't done enough research on how different of a riding experience they are to be seriously shopping around yet.

    Questions you need to ask yourself:

    1. What types of roads do we have where I live?

    2. Do I plan on being aggressive or laid back with my riding style?

    3. How important is comfort on long rides?

    4. How much insurance can I afford?

    These are the questions that will answer what type of bike you should be getting. NOT which one looks better.

  • It's fine if girls want to do that. But no one will be looking , so don't worry about the style of the bike.

    These days no one will peg you as butch just for choosing the most conveneient transport. Maybe in the South they do, but here north of the Mason Dixon line, only the African Americans who have their roots down there will think like that.

  • they're death machines. I won't knowingly get attached to someone with such a good chance of dying.


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  • My dad has a Harley. I've been on it maybe twice. It makes me feel edgy haha. I think it's cool if you're a 'biker chick.'