Youtube beauty guru?

I am thinking of becoming a Youtube beauty guru,but I have a few questions:

1.What are your likes and dislikes of youtube beaty gurus?

2.What do you expect from a youtube beauty guru?

3.Who are your favorite youtube beauty gurus and WHY?What made them attractive you initially?

4.Should I start out with a mainstream beauty video such as how to do a smokey eye?or a review?


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  • I love watching beauty and makeup gurus. Blair Fowler, HollyAnn and Jen (frmheadtotoe), and TiffanyD are my favorites.

    You've got to have a GREAT personality and be captivating. People have to want to watch you. It helps if you're bubbly and personable. And that you really know your makeup (drugstore to high-end). And of course you'll need the skills. Start with simple tutorials to build your fanbase. Then expand to vlogs, hauls, etc.

    • Thanks for BA! Good luck with YT.

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  • 1. Likes - actually having a personality, having a lot of tips (rather than tutorials), being short and to the point, good camera quality and editing

    Dislikes: hauls, being boring, being so afraid never to offend anyone (for example, instead of saying they don't like a certain product, they'll go into a 5 minute long spiel about "well I don't PERSONALLY love it, but I know many of you do, etc." Just tell what you think), takes themselves too seriously. I also HATE when they do a super long introduction, or when it takes wayyy longer than it needs to

    2. Actually knowing how to do makeup. Haha, you'd be surprised how many really don't.

    3. link (well she does stuff other than beauty but that's what I started watching her for so I kind of consider her a beauty vlogger) I just think she's really interesting to watch, seems like a cool person & has a sense of humor, just says what she thinks, and gives good tips and recommendations for everyday makeup

    I also like MichellePhan, but only for her older videos. I liked how they were short and basic, but very helpful, especially things like foundation tutorials, etc.

    4. If I see another "how to do a smokey eye" video I'm going to scream. I'm also not a fan of reviews but I know some people are. Just do something original. No one's gonna want to see something they've seen a million times before.

    Sorry if it was too long, but the gist of it is: just have personality, and I'LL personally like you. (Being interesting is not even necessary, since the majority of beauty gurus I find super boring)

  • I'm also a beauty guru if u ever wanna check it out, my channel name is Maggie Leigh
    1.Some get to the point it's like a job and you can tell they really don't feel like talking or making videos. its really good to see a product go on skin and hear what that person feels.2. just a well rounded genres of videos from tutorials to get ready with me videos. 3. MeghanRossette. She's funny and sincere and I also like Arden Rose. 4. Reviews are good because many people scour YouTube for review before they buy things.

  • What is a youtube beauty guru?

  • start by introducing yourself

  • Michelle Phan has a lot of videos, mainly makeup tutorials though. I used to watch her but she uses so many products! Even for a natural look.