How do I get a girl to notice me?

I'm the senior quarterback & there is this girl that is a freshman..she is the perfect girl. long blond hair, bright blue/green eyes, absolutely gorgeous, tan, athletic, can be herself around anyone & everyone, wild but not too wild, great sense of humor, great style, thin but not too skinny, great ass, great t*ts, everything you can imagine the perfect girl being.. she's the perfect 10. every guy hits on her & she can have any guy she wants. but she's single. how can I get her to notice me?

oh & I clicked the wrong gender..obviously


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  • you have to simply start out by talking to her. whether facebook chatting her or saying something funny in the halls, you have to get her attention first so you don't creep her out. just a simple question on facebook chat can turn into a conversation, then chat her next time, and eventually maybe ask for her number and take it from there. don't let her know that you like her at first because itll freak her out. just casually start a conversation and be her friend and shell start to like you

  • You should find out if she likes other girls first.