Why is sex advertised everywhere on the internet?

Hey I am no prude and I love sex, but why is it even on a site like this you still see - girls girls girls, get girls easily, get laid tonight - everywhere now pics of busty ladies jumping on a gym ball so her tits bounce up and down, ladies in the lingerie etc.

Even here in UK on channel 5 now there are adverts for - text and meet friendly sexy girls in your area tonight - I mean come on give it a rest! And if not then where are the ad's for us girls getting some hot sexy guy action with six packs and large willies everywhere!


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  • LOL. Sex sells and everyone wants to have sex. It takes us into our little happy place where our lives are perfect and there are no worries. If I could have this one thing then I will be happy.

    It's guaranteed to catch our attention and hold it while we're sold some product or information. Everyone is having great relationships with lots of mind-blowing sex and you can have it too if you call this number.

    As for all the ladies out there selling; it's men that mainly do the buying so it's all directed towards us. Oh my, we're soooo pathetic :)


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  • Women sell, for example:

    A hot girl selling a new lipstick or jumping around with her tits flopping for a beer commercial.

    This not only appeals to guys to women as well. Both sexes pay attention to the ad.

    A hot sweaty guy will only appeal to women where guys either zone out or change the channel.

    By using women, you're able to captivate both gender's attention rather then using men who can only stimulate women.


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  • There are a lot of lonely guys with disposable income. Sometimes I think they should just make prostitution legal and let those guys buy what they want.

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