Guys, what would you do if an unattractive girl was showing interest in you or making a move on you?

Girls act disinterested; cautiously friendly; sometimes a little bit bitchy when they are approached by guys they find unattractive -

what about the boys?!

any stories where an unattractive girl has approached you and how you reacted?


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  • If she's trying to be subtle about it, I'd act politely disinterested. If she outright told me she was interested, I'd make it clear that I appreciate the interest, but the feeling isn't mutual. I'd also make it clear that I'd happily be friends with her or talk about it if she needed to.

    I can't stand when people are mean to a person who's expressing interest in them. It's the most unreasonable and unwarranted reaction reaction possible.

    • just curious.but there are tons of unattractive girls out do they survive and how do they get a date at all?

    • Well, I don't know, honestly. It's hard enough for me to figure out how to get my own dates, let alone figuring it out for other people, lol.

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  • Probably act disinterested or shy away from her, but I wouldn't be rude, especially if she is going out on a limb to tell me how she feels about me, I mean, I know how it is to feel, I've liked a lot of girls in the past few years, few of them I've actually told. I once told this girl I liked her, back in primary school, and the next Monday at school, before we walked into class they all turned around and looked at me, and laughed so hard, one even had the audacity to say "a guy as fat as you could never get a girl like her" (I was quite a chubby kid), but lost all that now and she looks like an elf, so win win for me. but I know the hurt and sorrow that can come from it, and I would never want another person to feel that.

  • Just happened a few times; I was polite but pretended to be kind of distracted, like I was clueless and just not catching on to what she was getting at. I figure that way she would just think I had other things on my mind, and not take it personally as a rejection.

    • Im sure she did take it as a rejection, she's unattractive not stupid, she finally got the courage to ask you out and you shot her down, instead of trying to do the gentlemanly thing and taking her out on one date and getting to know her a little bit, and if you didn't think you hit it off then you could have casually and nicely told her that you thought it would be better if you just remained friends.

    • Actually at least twice it happened with girls I was already very good friends with, and we were able to remain friends. And in fact in both cases we had a number of "friend dates"; with one of the girls a lot of "dates" where it was just the two of us.

      I think the fact that I DIDN'T "try out" a relationship was why we were able to remain friends and continue to spend a lot of time together. We enjoyed each others' company but I just wasn't interested physically.

  • As much as it pains me, if a girl has an awful face, it's something that I would have to try REALLY hard to get past. Two points of physical interest, in order of importance to me 1.) Face 2.) Body. If at least one part of the criterium is satisfied, then the question is at least approachable. If NEITHER are applicable... it's almost 100 percent sure I'd shirk away in disinterest, sorry.

  • I'd just say, "Fork off, you ugly bitch!"


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