What are the most common reason girls look at a guy.

What are the most common reason girls look at a guy.

  • Attraction
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  • Curiosity/ He looks special (=neutral term, neither good or bad. e.g.: he's a foreigner)
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  • He's ugly
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  • Doesn't look at the guy at all.... it's either thinking or lookin at s.th. behind the guy
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  • Other. Please elaborate
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Sometimes I look at a guy because he looks so fit, but most of the time I'll look at a guy if he's laughing with his mates or if he has a cute smile. However, sometimes I won't be looking at a guy at all and then he'll walk past me or something and I know this is weird but if he's wearing some really nice aftershave/deodorant etc I'll turn around and look at him :) not sure if that answers your question though looools


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What Girls Said 5

  • -He looks too fine ! ;]

    -We're trying to check him out.

    -He looks familiar or we know him.

    I like to people watch, so that kind of goes along with looking randomly.

  • These are variations of reasons of why I look at guys

    1. Attraction

    2. He is doing something strange

    3. I kinda wanna get to know the person ( curiousity )

    4. Sometimes I just look his way.. but I'm actually looking at something behind him

    5. I know he likes me, and I wanna catch him staring. :)

    I know these are mostly from the poll, but I thought I would reinstate some. haha

  • ok the reason girls like guys is when they respect them! I'm ganna tell you a trick, when you see her don't flirt with her don't call her hot or anything but simply help her with something like open the door or ask to get her book trust me she will think about it the whole day :D

  • I voted A. Usually I look at people when I feel eyes on me, but then if they're attractive I'll glance over them. But there are other times I look at guys because they're doing the most ridiculous things, and that's what you see in NYC lol

  • 1. See how long it takes him to notice me looking at him!

    2. See how he reacts to being looked at.

    3. Figure out if he's able to entertain a thought.


What Guys Said 1

  • Curiosity->attraction->not looking at him/ugly

    • what's this supposed to mean? curiosity comes first and ugliness is the last reason, or what?

    • Well, if a girl is looking at you odds are high she is curious about you, medium that she is physically attracted to you, and low that you are ugly. Curiosity and attraction are similar but it depends on how you act whether curiosity can lead to her being attracted to you.

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