Sally Hansen is the best hair remover.

i love sally hansen I just bought a pure scent~satin hair remover and it works super good it can be used on legs, bikini area. and under arms. just so you guys and girls know.. its like shaving but its a lotion that you apply and then you wait for 5 min and take it off and the hair is gone.its so cool.


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  • OMG that is a life saviour! but how long does it take for hair to grow again? I think pretty fast. And does it shave well or it just trims leaving short hair showing? and last Q where to get that from?

    • like 6 days.

      and I don't know I just recently tried it on my arms and it worked really good.

      i got it from Ralphs but you can try wallmart

    • only in the U.S.?

    • oh I d k about that

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  • Really? Shaving has been giving me razor burn really bad


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  • Your an advertiser for the company aren't you? Well, you can tell your boss that no hair removal product works & to stop preying on women who are tired of having to shave every other day.

    • no I'm not I just never had a good experience with other product.. even though it smells pretty bad it works .. you don't have to believe me if you don't want