so I was shopping in buckle this afternoon. (I absolutely love buckle stuff but its way way expensive so I usually leave either mad I couldn't afford something or broke :P)

but anyways, this guy was really really into trying to get my to buy some jeans which were hella expensive but everyone was talking about how nice they were. so I was wondering, ladies do you care what kind of jeans a guy wears? and if so what's good because I really can't tell the difference between the $135 jeans at buckle and the $25 jeans I wear normally from AE. please be as specific as possible

oh and if it helps my style is like destroyed preppy


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  • Lol we really don't notice, lol but most of the girls I know just don't want them to be like below your butt baggy or like skin tight jeans that look like they are for girls, so it really doesn't matter, and the jeans from AE rock I loveeee AE lol and we aren't going to be able to tell where they are from unless we are like pulling down your pants to look at the tag, and that isn't gonna happen lol, or if they are like weirdly ocd with jeans lol. Designer stuff really is over-rated, like when people buy something just because it is expensive, if you really like a pair of buckles jeans buy them but we really won't notice. So just wear what you want and what you look good in. =]


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  • Destroyed preppy. Haha. Nice description.

    As long as they don't look uncomfortably tight or so baggy that they're falling off, I'm good. I honestly don't think I'd notice if a guy had expensive jeans as opposed to normal ones.

  • There is no way that would bother me. I really like AE's style. =)

    But, if a girl's going to judge you just by your pants, do you think she's really worth going out with?

    (Oh, and if you're looking for a little bit of a change, Abercrombie and Fitch has a destroyed preppy look in their clothing. I think you're fine the way you dress now, though!)

    • Haha I know but still there's something to be said about looking nice

      thanks, I would get some a&f but I'm too skinny :P

    • Haha, very true. But you don't have to be expensive to look nice. I've mixed my Coach bag with my sunglasses from Forever 21 and it really didn't matter! =)

      Aw, really? Most girls are trying to get skinny enough to fit into their stuff! I would stick with what you already know works best then. :D

  • I think with guys, it is unnecessary to spend a ton of money on them. Women might buy expensive jeans for the correct fit, but this isn't as important for a guy. I think American Eagle jeans are really nice. You could buy 5 pairs of nice jeans for that one pair.

  • no as the girls said it doesn't really matter as long as it looks good on u.


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  • Here's a tip (and I'm trying to be polite and as specific as possible): GROW A PAIR!

    Seriously. I think the root of your problems are that you're going for a "look". *Boys* are concerned with "style" because they use it to identify themselves (because they are incapable of doing it any other way). Men are able to do it by charm and personality and don't rely on fashion to identify them.

    Don't get me wrong, it is important for *Men* to look presentable (and attractive to women), but to label it a "style" and ask the question "$135 jeans vs. $25 jeans" while looking for approval from women like a puppy? That constitutes wussiness.

    You wanna know the truth? $135 jeans are made in the same sweatshops as the $25 jeans (or Walmart $15 specials) out of the same damn material. They just slap another label on the thing and convince you that they are worth more money.

    Keep in mind that this is coming from a guy that has used his jeans for work and play his entire life. I have no particular 'style' because I don't need to fit into one particular societal nitch. I am not a renegade rebel, I dress presentably and have had many positive comments on how I look. I express myself in many ways and do not rely on clothes to identify who I am (cause they're just cotton fibers, right?).

    The bottom line is this- if you feel spending the $135 for a pair of jeans will make you feel better then go ahead. But men aren't made by their clothes. They are made by many things, some being confidence, generousity, personallity, and humor. And since you're 18, I'd figure I'd let you in on the little secrets previously mentioned.

    Best of luck bud.