Why Do Some Guys Assume That They Can Tell Women What to Do?

I am a grown-up. No one runs my life, pays my bills, feeds me, or puts clothes on my back but ME. Still, I often come across pushy males who think that just because they possess testicles and a penis; that they are my natural ruler and can tell me what to do. Even strange males! Even males who are decades my junior. LOL... Why can't pushy guys stay in their lane?


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  • Because a whole lot of women let them. Just remember, harboring resentment gives them a different, and arguably more powerful, form of control over you. Walk away with an unburdened heart if you truly want to be a free individual.

  • Are you sure that you're not misinterpreting their concern for you and advice as orders? Sometimes I will tell women to do things like make sure their car tires are properly inflated because I worry about them breaking down. Other times I just say what I think they should do from my point of view as a friend. You sound like you're very self reliant but not willing to listen to suggestions form anybody else which may drive people away from you in the long run.

    • What may be driving people away from you is your tendency to "tell" them what to do and not to politely suggest it.

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    • Your views are just that: "Yours". You don't have to be here... You don't have to stalk this thread... You can go away... RIGHT NOW. Your idea of some "girly man" ( and I couldn't help laughing and thinking of Arnold Schwarzenegger after reading this) is some demon from your dysfunctional childhood...probably having been tortured in the boy's locker room or by Daddy or something... Just because a male agrees with a female does not mean that he automatically becomes effeminate.

    • I'm not stalking your thread I'm just replying whenever I see that orange sign saying I have another comment on an answer I gave. If you don't want to talk to me you can stop anytime you like.

      Yep my views are mine, and you asked for people's views and now you're getting all pissy about it. I'll tell you what you want to hear now to make you feel better-- Guys that tell women what to do are such controlling assholes that look down on women as helpless. God I hate them!

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