What does it mean if a girl is looking?

What does it mean when a girl looks at you for a while without any expression on her face? She is also not making any move or trying to talk, she's just kind of looking. And this isn't just a short glance, it's like 6-7 seconds long.


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  • All the girl is doing is checking you out. Possibly deciding whether or not to like you or something? Have you ever talked to the girl before? If you have, she probably does like you and if you haven't, then yeah she's just checking you out. :)

    • But some girls don't smile or anything when they do this. It's hard to tell whether they're looking because they like me or because I look different or something.

    • hey look at my comment down below sammie and tell me if you think that that's a good answer

    • I don't think a girl would stare at you for 6-7 seconds just because there's something different about you. It doesn't make a difference if a girl is smiling or not, I think that girl is checking you out.

      Jaleel, I totally agree with your comment also.


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  • It means she's checking you out and she likes you.


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  • women are creatures of curiousity. she was probably testing to see what your reaction was or what moves you were going to make when she kept looking at you. that was probably an invitation to talk to her so that she could see what you were about or she found something about you that attracted her and she couldn't look away. so don't freak out. you should act like you're paying her no attention and face back toward your friends or keep going where you were going as if she werent looking at you. or you can go onto a different approach and walk over there and say " hey I saw you lookin at me from over here. its impolite to stare at my good looks and say nothing to me. And what's your name?" then youve met her. Tada

    • You're right, it's a good opportunity to start talking to her.

    • hahaha that's why decided to be apart of this site because I have a lot to offer

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