If you look like your sibling then is the following somewhat true?

Kind of a weird question.

If you look like your sibling and everyone considers them attractive does that mean your attractive in some way too?

All my girl friends think my sister is so stunning and that she has amazing features. She has so many guys who are chasing her and all of them want to take her out on dates.

People have told me that me and my sister look like each other and we have similar features so I was wondering whether girls consider me somewhat attractive too (I'm a guy btw). Girls have told me I'm hot/sexy/cute/good-looking but I have never had a girlfriend before but that's because I'm shy and quiet and I don't really approach girls or put myself out there. I also don't think I'm that attractive anyway. Whereas my sister has been in a few relationships and always has a date.

If me and my sister look like each other and a lot of guys are attracted to her does that mean I could still be attractive to some girls?

Stupid question I know.


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What Girls Said 1

  • You're probably attractive to some, but not all. Since your sister is in fact a girl and others have told you in the past that you look strikingly similar, it's safe to assume you have "feminine" features. I'm an identical triplet, so needless to say when one of us gets called pretty, we all assume the same can be said about the other two.


What Guys Said 1

  • no, its not stupid, I've wondered and asked this myself and as far as I can tell is that in some cases it can work, others not so much. For example, if your sister resembles you that could mean she has very manly features which isn't attractive in most cases, however if one is attractive then generally the other one is too.

    ps; I'm the exact same as you, terrible self confidence, sister has dates, I've had no relationships either.

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