Is he going after me or my best friend?

I can't tell if this guy likes me, my best friend, or neither of us. Haha, sad, I know. :)

So why it seems like he likes me, 1) he teases me all the time, and we're always getting into playful arguments. 2) He seems to 'match my mood', like if I'm tired, he won't be as talkative as he normally is, if I laugh at something, he'll laugh too, if I'm hyper, he's more cheerful, etc. 3) He gets weird if I mention any celebs I find hot. 4) If I ask him if he finds someone (usually a celeb) attractive, he won't answer me.. 5) He takes interest in my interests, like if I say I like a movie, the next day he'll tell me he watched it, he's started listening bands I like even though they're not his style of music, and, he reads the texts my friends send me over my shoulder a lot. XD and 6) He's constantly finger-combing his hair around me, and adjusting his clothes.

Now, why I think he likes my best: 1) He talks about her a LOT. 2) He often mistakes me for her, like I'll say something funny, and later he'll repeat it, and say she said it, which makes me think he thinks about her? (Not sure if this one made sense, haha) 3) At lunch, me and her sit at a table kind of near hers, and he looks over at us tons more when she's there.

So what do you think? Me, her, or he sees us both as friends and I'm over analyzing? =]

Sorry it's long, and thanks for the help!


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  • To me, it sounds like this guy is more comfortable when other people are present. So while he's showing several "signs of interest" in you, he's probably fairly insecure in the fact of whether or not you like him. The whole "repeating what you said as what 'she' said" thing is something I would disregard -> The reason why I would disregard it is that this could happen when he's really busy with his day or when he's nervous around you. I doubt he would intentionally say something like that to hurt you.

    I can completely see where you think this guy likes your friend but my gut instinct is leaning more towards him liking you, than him liking your friend.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


What Girls Said 1

  • I was in the EXACT same situation and I waited day after day for him to ask me out because I definitely thought he was more into me than my friend. I flirted with him and gave him all of my attention wen he asked for it just waiting for the moment...and he asked my friend out :( I was devestated and my confidence fell and to add to the misery I had to hear the details of their relationship from my friend for months.

    Long story short she cheated on him and he came to me for comfort and advice. He still flirts with me but I know if he really liked me he would have picked me not her. I'm still bitter not to mention the jealousy of it all ruined my friendship with her.

    I kno blah blah sad story just sayin this may or may not happen to you and just be careful of your feelings!