Guys: what attracts you to a girl?

What are some things you find extremely attractive in a girl?

And what are major turn-offs?


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  • It depends on the guy, for me: I love long hair on a girl, I think it's very sexy when a girl has long hair that goes to the middle of her back (It's very feminine). I also love tattoos on girls, typically small ones. A sense of style. An open, outgoing and spontaneous mindset. A girl who is not involved in drama and is not in other people's business.

    Turn-offs: Short hair, unpainted nails, wears no make-up at all. dresses like a prep, carrying around small dogs, narrow-minded, Paris Hilton mentality, drama queen, cares about everyone besides herself, facebook/twitter junkie.


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  • I absolutely love a girls smile. It's a major turn on for me :)

    A turn off is when they roll their eyes thinking they're all that :(

  • Slender body type, hair longer than shoulder length, wouldn't mind any color but blond makes me lose my mind, geekyness + shyness = <3, must be smart, awesome parents.

    Turn offs: Agree with facebook/twitter or other sites, 100% no-no. Wouldn't mind if she would use GirlsAskGuys tho :P. Being flirty with everyone. Waiting for sex after marriage.

    Not all of them of course, but the most important ones I guess.


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