We still don't see eye to eye.

Me and my lover rarely see eye to eye. I'm a leo and she is an Aquarius...she always has to be in control and so do i. Not only are our views and values on a lot of things in life different and we respect each others opinions we still don't see eye to eye. The worst part is that in the relationship she is more the nonchalant "i don't care" type and I'm more the complainer...its like gender role reversals (or gender stereotype reversals).

This being said, we do love passionately and care for each other and we've talked about serious long term things...not just dating we've been doing that for multiple years since we were only kids...and I don't know being were so different and we disagree and sometimes leads to stupid little tiffs if its such a good idea to keep this all going? Long term I mean? is it all toxic for each other? Am I kidding myself? or am I just not trying hard enough, I always felt like love didn't require effort. AH someone help me.


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  • If you admit she's not compatible with you, then sorry no dice!

    My ex and I were supposedly to be perfect match according to horoscope (gemini and libra) but... although we both fit perfectly into the horoscope, I found that he is not as level-headed as I liked him to be, or I'm too self-centered. Either way, something didn't work even though we had perfect pairing astrologically-wise.

    If you don't see eye to eye, then no dice. You'd always be hierarchically lower than her if she's the 'i don't care' type, because let's face it, this attitude makes her a dominant one.

    Find someone you can be best friends with, as equals.

    Good luck!

    • I couldn't disagree more. In a real relationship being compatible does not mean their will not be conflicts. As for her not being the romantic type that does not mean she has all the power. It just means she does not express what's going on inside.

      i.e. The person I was/have been with... she would talk/write like she couldn't care less then act in a way that showed she cared.

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  • I know exactly how you feel. I am a Leo she is an Aquarious. We have been involved on some level or the other for 12 years. There was and has been a definite click whenever we saw each other. We were young and passionate in our relationship. We also talked jokingly and not so jokingly about long term plans. She was the unromantic type and I am a hopeless romantic at heart. We actually argued over weather or not true love exist while we were on a date once. This from a woman who once fell into my arms when I showed up at her house after a long break of communication. We dated off and on for six years. Then were in a LDR for three years.

    We are not dating now...but knowing us anything is possible. We have had breaks between periods of dating of two or three years.

    To answer your questions...

    Yes it is worth it. Just know that a relationship with her will due to your personality conflicts be filled with friction and sparks. There will be passionate disagreement and passionate making up. With the woman I have dealt with, if we never spoke again, our story would already be worthy of a good romance novel.

    With her you will have a love life that is never boring! When other peoples relationships grow stale yours will always be fresh and exciting. Bringing stability to such a relationship will require work and understanding of your differences. Real relationships require this even with a soulmate.

    Leo and aquarious are yin and yang to each other.

    • i like your response because it gives me a sense of hope but honestly after a while would you think that its worth it to not see eye to eye almost all the time and not only that but get sincerely annoyed by it? Its just dumb how we sit and talk and admit that 95% of the time we are annoyed by the each other!

    • "after a while would you think that its worth it to not see eye to eye almost all the time"

      By see eye to eye you mean to agree without discussion? Let me put it to you this way. Think really hard about how many things you agree on without even speaking. How many times are you able to communicate with this woman by body language. If you are in a relationship with this woman you have to be able to read her body language.

      Ill bet you and her are agreeing on things without even thinking.