I told him I liked him. What does it mean - he said I have pretty eyes. :)

OK so There is this guy I like and I confirmed it on facebook

to him because my cousin already told him that I liked him, so I wanted to be honest and told him I'm not trying to be annoying or anything and I said you have the most amazing smile ever and I told him he was hot and cute and is the best person at sport in thee class and that he seems really nice even no I never get to talk to him I also said ( if I was a guy I would reply to this even if I don't that person at all….. and then I said something like please don't be like some of the at school and reply :)and maybe we can get to know each other or something and he did he said ……………..

ok yeah we could get to no each other, and thanks for all those nice comments about me, that really makes me feel happy and by the way your eyes are pretty :)

Now and then in class I used too see him looking at me or glancing at me , one day I caught him looking at me and he quickly looked away, it happened a bit before he found out I liked him.I think it could of been cause he was looking at my eyes, then when I think back I remember one day I had a little convo with him and his friends and he was staring at my eyes , no where else lol. Before I sent that message to him on facebook my cousin mentioned that I liked him to him and apparently he had a big smile on his face But he guessed it was me who liked him.

what does he think about all this ? was he just being nice because I said all this or is there something more there ?


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  • sounds like he likes you. why don't you just ask him out.


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  • It sounds like you guys don't know each other very well. I think you need to spend more time getting to know each other and then worry about how much he likes you.

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