What style do you like best on a guy?

Do you like guys with a more colorful, vibrant style, or like that wear flannels, or guys with leather jackets, or maybe something else? what kind of style are you attracted to in a guy?


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  • jackets: something like pea coats in black because black goes with everything and they are really in style here where I'm from plus it can make a very simple outfit look better. pea coats are one of those classic pieces that don't go out of style for a really long time and they flatter basically anyone. I really like wind breakers one guys though for the fall or basically on chilly days. leather jackets are OK, I think it really depends because I have seen some really nice ones on guys and not so nice ones.

    Shirts: I think those plaid flannel shirts that I see at hollister or a&f are really overrated, everyone has them, I actually got one this year just because, and I have one wore it once, I'm really tired of seeing them every where. but basic flannels are fine, I'm usually into white so I like the color white on guys or something like grey, navy blue, black. I'm not really into V necks although it does suit some people, not a lot though. To me, I think simple style looks best on a guy, they look nice but they look effortlessly nice too like they aren't trying too hard. actually pharrell's style on a guy is amazing, he has a vibrant style but he can pull it off so nicely





    Jeans: straight legged jeans that are dark washes, I think it makes the outfit look more put togethere, I hate light washes, I think I only own like 3 pairs of light washes and the rest of mine are dark.

    Shoes: converse sneakers in dark blue, black, white, grey, they go with everything and I like slip on vans on guys too in simple colors, nike dunks are also nice and jordans but some jordan sneakers can be really pricy

    • I don't mind pea coats, I don't know if I could pull off that look tho personally. I'm more of a leather type guy, black leather jacket, jeans. yeah. but like I couldn't pull off the hip-hopish style either, not too fond of it really...

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    • yeah I'd say mines fairly simple then.

    • then you have great style :)

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  • Button-downs with white tees underneath, polos, cashmere V-neck sweaters (with no chest hair), usually in darker and more netural colors. Dark wash jeans. Wool pea and trench coats. Just a casual, everyday style attracts me most.

  • Personally, I love business casual. I loveeeeee suspenders.

    But I realize most guys can't/won't run around in business casual, so other wise I like simple things.

    I guess it can best be described by what I don't like:

    Graphic tees with too many colors.

    V necks that go more than what looks like 2 inches below the collar bone

    Super skinny jeans; some guys pull off mildly skinny jeans off well

    Jeans that are too light; I prefer dark washes.

    guys who only wear ripped jeans

    Guys who let their pants hang low... wtf, no.

    I'm not a huge fan of hats

    As you can see, there's nothing too dramatic.

    I don't mind flannel, leather jackets can look nice.

    I don't like things that look... gaudi.

    And I'm not a huge fan of brown shirts or pants for one reason or the other

  • i like the preppy style with neutral and dark colors


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