Beauty secrets? Please tell:)

So,this is a question mainly aimed towards women and girls,since I am one myself.So I am asking,do you girls have any beauty secrets that you have to offer or would love to share?

I love secrets regarding hair and skin.It doesn't matter to me whether it's a secret involving natural ingredients or products bought from the store.All are welcomed!

Please,spread your secrets!Anything?


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  • Skin fasting: take one day a week off and do nothing other than rinse our skin.

    Crisco:As for ingredients, Crisco contains soybean oil (evens skin tone, moisturizes, softens and helps with wrinkles), cottonseed oil (softens) and antioxidant I heard it works just as great as la mer moisturizer which retails around $140

    -Dont ever sleep on your face

    -Always rub your face in circular motions upwards/outwards while putting facewash or cream. prevents the skin from sagging as you age

    - Take vitamin e (I take it once a day)

    - use a matte brownish shade eye shadow , one that is a least 3 shades darker then your skin color to contour your nose on the sides, it gives the appearance of a slimmer nose and kind of gives you a appearance of a high nose bridge

    - I like to use a shimmery white shadow on the inner corners of my eyes to bring my eyes out

    - this thing I learned called tightlinging, which you line the top eyelids of your eyes, its suppose to make your lashes look more volumized.

    - I know on this years victoria secret fashion show the makeup artist used lip liner on the center of their lips and got lipstick and rubed it where the lip liner was outwards because it made their lips looked more plumpier

    - once a week I do a egg white masks, its great for acne prone skin and supposedly it makes your skin look brighter

    • I love egg white masks,especially when it tightens up.I got the idea from Michellephan.

      Crisco?Man lol,that's a black folk secret haha

    • LMAO I didn't even know what crisco was till earlier this year and I love watching youtube gurus too, makeupbytiffanyd is my fav

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  • this is a great question.

    I use cetyphil anti bacteria face soap bar, and then I use clean and clear 10% benzoyle peroxide because I have acne

    then I use clinique moisturizer gel and the one that is spf 20 for day time also, and it's suppose to even out skin tone. clinique is easy for me to buy since it is at the px, and I live overseas on a military base where I barely go anywhere but on base so it's all easy to buy this stuff for me.

    hmmm for hair when I was 16 I discovered frizze ease hair serum and if you put it on your hair while wet, then blow dry your hair the correct way you will have shiney beautiful soft and lovely hair. I just loved it. I barely blow dry now a day because I have a lot of hair and I just wash and tie my hair 99% of the time.

    I ask my husband if I should make myself look prettier and he says, I'm already married and he already thinks I look beautiful without all that other stuff so why should I ? so I tend to just not over do anything that I don't necessary need to.

    but that's just me.

  • I don't tan actively

    always wear sunscrean

    Get some sun daily, it makes you happier (and fresh air)

    eat fish, sardines are excellent for skin and health

    No junk/fast/frozen food- eat fresh, local, organic (aka normal)

    take a good blend of multivitamins

    get regular health checkups- dealwth problems if they arise

    no excessive pharm drugs- depressed? pull yourself together and talk to someone instead

    floss, brush, rinse 2/3 times daily.

    drink lots of water (not alchohol, especialy not once in a while)

    work out - running, strength martial arts, gymnastics pilates stuff, dance is good

    i don't excessively contort my face or frown that=wrinkles all over

    No excessive make-up. I don't normaly wear anything but lip balm and a touch of mascara

    Skin on face- Asian secret: Use cleansing oil ...shu umera is great ( its litterly the only thing you need)

    hair styling- water is brilliant.

    Finally, I relieve my stress if it comes up. I'll lie about beign sick and go rollerbalde or something, take mental health days.

  • Vitamins,minerals and supplements work wonders.My pill "plan" is:

    -Norwegian Salmon Oil Pills(2 a day).They are good for hair and skin.One reason Swedish and Japanese women tend to have such healthy skin is because their diets contain Omega 3s and good fatty acids.

    -Multivitamin(1 a day).I mean,why not get the daily recommended value of all vitamins and minerals?

    -Biotin(1-5 a day).Good for hair,skin and nails,although a deficiency is rare.

    -Prenatal pills.(1 a day).Hair growth.

    -Iron(every now and then,I was anemic)

    Deficiencies can cause dry brittle hair,dry flaky or oily skin,brittle,frail nails.


    -Fruits contain antioxidants which helps fight off aging and acne,as well as smooth skin out.

    -Veggies,great for both hair and skin.

    -Water.Water keeps your body hydrated and when your body is hydrated,your hair and skin are.Hydrated skin means elasticity,hydrated hair means soft,full hair.

    -Salmon.Omega 3 fatty acids.

    Overall,diet is the best secret.If your body is healthy,then it shows through your hair,skin and nails.

    Extra virgin olive oil makes for a great natural moisturizer and not too many people break out from it.

    Exfoliate your skin 1-2x a week with a scrub or loofah.

    Milk bath is what Cleopatra indulged in and they said she was gorgeous.

    Best secret of all:SUNBLOCK.ALWAYSALWAYSALWAYS us sunblock.It protects your skin from the damaging rays.

    Look into Shalini Vadheras book Passport to Beauty.Focus on beauty tips from around the world.As much as Americans think they have the most beautiful women,they don't.Those women become beautiful through plastic and cosmetic surgery(which I have nothing against).Megan Fox is gorgeous,but she had a bunch of surgeries(nothing wrong with that).But if you're looking for actual tips that don't involve surgery look for tips from Africa,Northern Europe and Asia.

  • I use a Clairsonic (or something like that) Mia with Clearasil Acne scrub and it keeps my skin clear. If you want plumper lips, dab a hint of glos on the center of your lips and blend until it looks natural. When conditioning your hair put in the conditioner and then pull your hair up while you wash your body to give the conditioner extra time to work. I love the Zeno Heat Treat to prevent breakouts. I also use pore strips once a week to get rid of blackheads on my nose (the little buggers are such a nuisance!).

  • Eat lot's of chicken!

    Jk, well just take a multi vitamin, clean yourself, moisturize, and drink a lot of water and your set.

  • Virgin Olive Oil removes eye make up while moisturizing. Its not too great when it come to eyeliner though.

    • baby oil gets everything of especailly waterproof but you gotta shower after using babyoil

  • Shea butter!I read that the reason why many African Americans and African women have such smooth non porous skin is because they use pure shea butter not the one from Wal Mart,because it has strong moisturizing properties.I'm white but it works really well for moisturizing skin.I order pure shea butter from Amazon but you can find pure shea butter in little African shops

  • For your skin, I would personally recommend- Philosophy Purity cleanser, it costs like $16 at Sephora or ULTA. It removes all my makeup and keeps my skin clear. I also use Clean & Clear acne moisturizer, $6 at any drugstore, to keep my skin clear.

    For your hair, I also swear by- Chi Silk Infusion and Redken AntiSnap leave-in treatments. After you've showered, rub a dime to nickel sized amount through your hair and style as necessary with your usual heat tools or gel, mousse, etc.