Is she flirting with me or she attracted?

This girl came to speak to me as soon as she sat down she started to fix her hair when they were already tied back, it looked like she thrusted her chest forward which was about a 2 feet away from face while doing her hair


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  • She is probably just flirting with you. It depends like did you just meet her or are you friends and she kind of just randomly did that?

    • that was about the 3rd time we met. first time approached her she never played with her hair nor does she do that front of other guys I noticed that

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    • she don't talk to many guys only course mates no random guys

    • okay well then its still she likes you or is playing with youu.

  • she might be attracted to you, most girls usually play with their hair when she is near somebody that she thinks is good looking. Or she might do it all the time if she's really into herself. Don't read into it so much


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