How the heck can you have eye contact with someone, keep it, and smile all at once?

Am a shy chick...I basically try to avoid eye contact with guys my age whom I don't know. I might make contact for a second but instantly look away. Any advice on how to get over my fear? I'm worried that the other person will think I like them if I maintain contact or smile. Please help!


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  • Practice makes perfect. It's a cliche because it's true.

    Try maintaining eye-contact with your bank teller, your teacher, your server at a restaurant, a clerk checking you out at the gas station, random people who you couldn't really care less about staring at unabashedly. Eye-contact isn't scary. It shows you're confident and not antisocial. With that said, keep a steady gaze but not a death-glare.

    • i was just about to comment this. one good way to start is to make eye contact with everyone you pass by in a crowded area, like a hallway. they won't hold it for long, but its a start

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    • Thanks askingquestionsisfun!

    • You're quite welcome. :) Good luck!