How can a guy become attractive?

I am just average and want to look desirable.


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  • 1) Be confident and/or funny (Shy funny guys are equally attractive or better than Confident bland guys)

    2) Work on your appearance.

    - Shower before you go out during the day, brush your teeth in the morning, wear a light amount of good cologne, dress as modestly as you can to compliment your style, shave every day, wash your clothes when needed, use acne products if necessary, etc... Take care of yourself -> It's a "prequalifier" to seeing how you will treat them.

    3) Work on your personality and be active in your life.

    - Get out of your house and hang out with INTERESTING or GOOD friends (not the bums at the bars); take yourself on road trips to nearby cities (small or big; old or renovated); learn different sports/activities (sky diving, surfing, playing an instrument, etc) etc etc etc

    4) Constantly try to learn and improve

    - Never find error in a moment; learn from it even if it bothers you tremendously. It shows you are calm and level headed (highly attractive) and additionally it will help you be a better man to learn from your mistakes.

    5) Seek advice from people you aren't romantically interested in

    - If you aren't dating someone this is a great thing; but if you are dating someone you should heed caution. Some relationships may be more open to advice where others take offense when the relationship is spoken about (when you talk to friends or otherwise).


    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • 1)good clothing: aka whatever is "hip" where you live. where I live: plain semi-long crew neck, jeans (not baggy OR saggy) and a nice pair of vans.

    2)hair: has to be cut nicelyy.. no justin bieber looks yet no scrappy doo either. If your indie.. do whatever you want with your hair. if not.. a buz is always nice.. not too short where you cn see your head but short so you can't put gel in it.

    3) a smile is a girls bestfriend. whatever you think can boost your smile dooooittt.

    4) that light in a guys eyes: that sparkle that you can see in a guys eyes that makes him irresistible and desirable is confidence. You got to walk with your shoulder back, head up.. almost like you own the place, yet you want to own it with someone special. and always smile.

    hope this helps somewhat :)

  • everyone have different opinions on what they think is attractive. be yourself... but if you wanna try something different, maybe try shoppng around in stores you haven't before, change your hair style. you may get attention from differnt types of girls.

  • Stylish clothes-and I don't mean saggy pants.


    Don't fake it if you don't have a clue what you're doing, so not cool, plus girls can usually tell


    Hit the gym

  • But some expensive yummy smelling clone. Maybe die your hair or have a haircut.

    • What type of cologne?

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    • My brother has AXE and it smells real good lol.

    • ACTUALLY nah . not axe. I mean, you can buy it if you want. its cheap but you need a signature scent so that a girl can remember you. And to get a girl to remember you, you HAVE to buy a cologne that no one else has. In other words, it should be expensive. You should go to the mall or something, perfume shop maybe.

  • I would say if you have a personailty people love than no need to worry

    • I have been told I have a nice one but I also am a bit shy

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    • I am gonna message cause if we write here, u'd be old by the time you reach a new answer :P

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  • 1. CONFIDENCE. Fake it till you make it.

    2. Get a haircut, shave or don't shave your face.

    3. Dress better.

    4. Practice good hygiene (smell good, bathe, shave).

    5. Be interesting (take up hobbies, have diverse interests, be informed of current events).

    I know that for me personally I find a guy so much more attractive when he's funny, witty and can make a connection with me, even if it's something small. Like liking the same movie.


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  • Good characteristics are always a great winner.

    Displaying confidence is a big one. If you don't know how too here are some good ideas of self confident gestures. Smiling, eye contact, relaxed, Head up, shoulders back, keeping your hands out of your pockets, not crossing your arms, longer steps, etc.

    Sense of humor. Don't be a class clown, but just know how to laugh, smile, and be funny sometimes.

    Comfort. Being comfortable around others is a big one, but being comfortable around yourself is a bigger one. In order to be comfortable around other people (girls) you need to be comfortable with yourself. Learn to love yourself is what is say. Don't go out and be a cocky douche bag though. Just know yourself, be yourself, and love yourself. Show your comfortable around girls by smiling a lot and laughing at fun stuff. Be the guy at the movies who laughs at something funny in a comedy movie, be the guy who's at the amusement park getting excited for a scary ride. Just enjoy yourself and girls will definitely enjoy you. They will see your comfort all over your face and will want to hang around you. Honestly girls love a guy who smiles because he's projecting comfort. So just be fun and smile.

    Have adventure written on your forehead. Bring the adventure to your relationships with girls. Don't be "that guy" be someone fun and exiting, keep her guessing. The last thing you want is for her to know you like the twilight book she's been reading...yea she'll get bored of you quickly. You want to remain a bit mysterious and fun. Ex.) Tell a girl "you're seeing" that you are taking her out Saturday evening but don't tell her where. This will keep her excited and on her toes. She will want to know what you have planned. But make sure you have known the girl for a while before you do that. Take her out on planned things first, and then when you think she's comfortable, give her a surprise. Go ice-skating, boating, to an amusement park I don't know just something like that...but make sure it's something she'd enjoy. And don't tell her where you're taking her.

    Style. Have some style to you. Upgrade your wardrobe. Go to the mall and get some nice jeans sunglasses, shirts,

    Hygiene. Look nice, smell nice. Remember to shower daily. Brush teeth daily, maybe get some teeth whitener. Shave. A lot of girls appreciate a well groomed man. If you're real hairy you might want to shave. I shave my chest and face and trim other areas.

    Go to the gym. get some lean hard muscle. Eat good and sleep better.

    Go buy some nice cologne. I have used the same cologne now for 5 years, it's my signature scent. The price was 90 dollars but it lasts me between 6-7 months and I wear it daily.

    Gather up some hobbies that suit you. Find your talents and get good at them. Play guitar, get in a sport, cook, build stuff, be a nutritionist, get into art classes, etc. Those were just examples. Just do what you like to do and girls will take notice.

  • well yes do gym and wear that suit your profile, and fix a smile on your face all the time, that make you attractive :)

  • Like that girl said CONFIDENCE lol. As far as your physical appearance go hit the gym and buy some nice clothes =)

  • be yourself f*** what other people think

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