Shouldn't women have a dress code for the clubs?

I tend to stay away from clubs that allow 18yr old(kids) in them. that's nothing but trouble. But from the clubs I have been to, there is something I have noticed. The fact that men are the ones with a dress code and not a single women. for men its no sneakers and no jeans. have to look decent basically don't try to get in the club looking like a thug. but from what I've seen clubs allow women in wearing a dress with the back out(not bad at all when its a dress with just the back out) AND the front out (side boob everywhere) and barely covering their booty. Allowing women in wearing lace from head to toe no under garments at all. basically alowing a woman to enter the club looking any kind of way. straight nasty.

my thoughts are that there should be a dress code for women too.because there is a difference in going out and looking good and going out and looking a hot mess. if I wanted to see that much skin at the club I would just go to a strip club. is it too much to ask for a woman to look as decent as we guys have to?

what are your thoughts. and before jumps my case and gets all sensitive and offended, no not all women dress like street whores and go out to the club. but we've seen these women that I speak of

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  • i think we kind of do. where I'm from you never see women come to clubs in jeans and t-shirts or tennis shoes..and if she did she would probably be turned away.. I think dress codes are stricter on men because certain clubs attract a certain type of people. I know one club in my town that lets men come in with whatever they have on, and that is the hood club that all the gangmembers and thugs go to and it gets shot up every week. different clubs want to have a higher standard of people that go there. and as for women...well guys aren't picky about what women wear as long as they look good to them. you might prefer a more conservatively dressed woman, but a lot of men go to clubs just to get laid so a woman dressing like that is going to attract them. if women didn't look like "whores" when they went to the club a lot of men would stop going to that club and go somewhere else


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  • More boobs = more guys in the club. :D

    That's simple... :)

  • are you gay? all the guys I know in clubs don't mind at all

    • lol you got jokes but no I'm not. I'm jus sayin there is a difference in looking good and looking sloppy

    • I actually agree. I go to this club that is UNBELIEVABLY TRASHY (ITS CLOSEST TO MY HOUSE) and the girls come in in underwear, and a lot of them are... not in shape to put it nicely. But the guys still dance with them. I went in one night and I think I probably looked like a high priced hooker (I never wore that dress out again) and I got a lot of attention..

  • Yes, it's a double-standard. But clubs that are notorious for having hot women will attract more men and hence more revenue. It's a business, so club owners are always looking for a bigger profit margin. Can you blame them?


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  • aw OK yeah man I feel you. Just telling it like it is. I know what you mean unfortanently this probably won't be changed but I know what your getting at.

  • You could be turning abit gay day by day. It's simple, more girls equals more guys coming to the club = more money and profit, business is business. What guy walks into a club and says, "damn, I wish all these girls were wearing turquoise ponchos, I see too many boobs in this club man".

    • your a retard for missing the point. its about a woman looking decent rather than cheap hookers. a woman can wear a sexy dress without looking trashy. that's basically the point of this question. thanks anyways for the answer