Would a beautifully curvaceous girl go out with a guy you might consider slightly chubby?

I'm not really, like um def not fat, but I got a tad bit of a gut, couple extra pounds up there, and quite a few people have said I'm good looking, but provided I was cool and had quite a bit going for me, would a girl that was a total babe notice? :D

just a little extra, like I don't look all that chubby with a shirt on and stuff, I look fairly skinny, like its not that noticable that I have a gut, just to get a better idea of how I look.


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  • of course

    • and your not saying that just to be nice?

    • not at all

    • that's good to hear! lol

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  • better chubby than skinny! :) especially when she's curvy. you don't want to feel fat next to your boyfriend.

  • um to be honest I used to be fat and I know I didn't lose all this weight just to date a guy that was fat or had a gut. I'm not trying to be mean but that's just my preference. just like I'm sure you wouldn't prefer to date a girl that had a gut or was "chubby" either

    • i wouldn't mind honestly to a point... I mean girls are naturally softer and a little extra wouldn't hurt. but too much of a gut is obviously not as attractive. just me tho. I would obviously prefer a girl that was more fit and such, but the curves are a must! :)

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