Why doesn't he like me back?

Well for a start, we're good friends but I REALLY like him. We have the same taste in music and colours and loads of other things in common :// we talk a lot and we put xxxx's after EVERYTHING we say ''/ he knows I love him but he didn't say anything about it( I know he knows because I told him). He rated my looks as 8-9 out of 10...So my question is WHY doesn't he like me? What can I do to make him like me?


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  • maybe he thinks opposites attract? maybe he wants someone whos not so much like him. and don't try to force him to like you just let nature take its course and let the chips fall where they may. if you are meant to be together you will be in the end. :)

  • Maybe y'all have too much in common. Or maybe he's just had his eye on another girl for a while. If he thinks your pretty that's great but he might think of you more as a sister or best friend..

    Really there isn't anything you can do to MAKE someone like you. You can't control other peoples feelings. BUT peoples feelings do change(: