Henna hair coloring?

Will it have good results? My hair gets very dark in the winter and looks pretty much lifeless ... so I was thinking of putting henna in my hair, an Indian friend of mine recommended it as it softens hair and colors it too. My hair isn't dark, it's medium auburn and gets even lighter in the summer but right now, it looks a typical dark brown ... So what do you think? Should I go for it? I don't want to dye my hair with chemicals as it's already pretty damaged, so that's not an option. I'm going to do a strand test to see my results before I do all of my hair, but just thought I'd ask for advice first... has anyone used it before? What were your results? What do you think of henna?


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  • im persian and use henna all the time! its great, yea I never used chemicals either I don't wanna be bald lol

    i would definitely recommend going to an indian shop and buying the cheap stuff theyre like 1-2 dollars, and buy the red toned one...some say they have indigo in it or have blond don't buy those...i heard theyre not that good plus you want your hair a reddish so red is better

    make sure the henna is a nice earthy green color, it means its fresh, and not a rusty brown (it means its been sitting there a while and old) and take an old coffee cup, mix it with lemon juice and hot water and let it sit over night in a warm corner of your house. This will let the henna release the pigment

    the next day, wear an old tshirt, as henna can get messy and fall places, and put some vaselline along the sides of your face since you don't want to color your face red or anything, this will prevent the die from leaking onto your face, wear gloves and start by applying the henna taking sections of your hair, after its all covered wrap your head in a plastic bag or shower cap, and then cover that with a towel this will keep your head moist and warm and will let the color even deepen.

    leave for 4 hours at least or better over night, wash the next day and DONT SHAMPOO, shampoo will fade the color

    if you're a brunette, henna gives your brown hair a reddish tint with auburn highlights , the color change is not that drastic, but it gives your hair a pop! especially in the sunlight and in photos!

    henna also conditions your hair, makes it thicker and healthier, you can use some leave in conditioner if you want but don't shampoo for 2 days to let the color deepen

    for blondes though, henna has a drastic effect and makes them a redhead or can make you strawberry blonde...very cool!

    henna is really safe, just make sure you don't buy expensive ones online, some websites out there are there to just make money, because some can have chemicals called "compound henna" and that can damage your hair because it has mineral salts or something, always buy the imported cheap stuff from india, called body art quality henna, because its used for henna tattooing and for hair and is 100% natural.

    u can google recipes too, some people add tea or coffee to the henna when mixing to make your hair more brown, some people add lavender oil, olive oil or yogurt for more conditioning purposes, and some add red wine or beet juice for more redness!

    good luck and remember to always test a strand first if your not sure, but mainly for brunettes, when you have dark brown hair, the results are not drastic at all, it just gives you a tint of color that fades over 6 months

    hope this helped :)


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  • Many moons ago before I joined the Navy I worked for L'Oreal in London as part of their colouring development team.

    I would not reccommend Henna in a million years. Its a pain to remove, its an absolute no-no if you've had your hair permed or treated with metallic salts (type of hair dye, more often used in just for men colourants but occansionally crops up in women's colours as well), its messy and you don't get any advice from a box of colour either. Also it stains everything a disgusting poo brown colour if it drips anywhere and like I said its a bitch to get out.

    Why faff about for an evening when you can get some amazing results these days from semi permanent and permanent colours which won't ruin your hair like bleach can. Also if you aren't sure about what to choose why not go for a gloss? This just adds a tiny wash of colour to your hair but has more conditioning agents than a semi, only disadvantage it isn't as vibrant as a semi. Plus with any luck you'll only be sitting in the salon for 2 hours max.

    With semi you won't be able to lift the colour of your hair and with a permanent you're only looking at going about 2-3 shades lighter tops. Personally I wouldn't go near henna and would rather have a chat to my colourist (preferably L'Oreal, but that's only because I used to work for them and having worked in their labs I know what they can and can't do)

    Chemicals these days aren't harsh and abrasive provided you go to someone who knows what they are doing, and not some kitchen sink wizard job.

  • Yeah do the the strand test if you hair is already colored or chemically treated in some way be very careful the color might not come out like you wanted to and may even be an uneven color.

    Are you doing it yourself or are you going to someone that commonly uses it/professional?

    It's not a simple process.

    I seen it and I love it. I know tons of people that uses it.

    • I dyed my hair blond at one point, but that was months ago. And yeah, my friend is helping me with this since she applies it regularly, but I was a bit hesitant although she insisted it worked great. I don't know. Some people say it's permanent. I hope it doesn't make my hair darker than it already is.

    • I don't know exactly how your hair looks but if it's a lighter color it will make it a little darker yes but nothing too dark as if it could be confused with black. The girl above has a really good and clear explanation on what to do and how to use it.

      I emphasize A LOT of deep conditioning. Henna drys your hair out a lot which is a problem if you don't have the type of hair that gets very "oily".

  • Well, I'm in Morocco and many people have done henna to their hair. I personally don't like it because your hair might turn reddish/orange but it is indeed healthy for your hair. I recommend you to just buy some products that fix damaged hair, but I don't think they all work.

  • I have never heard of henna hair coloring. O_O

    -Googles it-

    It seems alright...read this: link

    • Thanks! I'll check that out.

    • You're quite welcome. :) Happy hair-dying!

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