Just curious on how I look to other people

I'm about 5'2" and weigh about 135-140. I'm a little cubby, but I do have a decent amount of muscle. I'm a size seven in jeans, good curves, and let's just say that without my chest I'd be lighter. I'm happy with how I look for the most part, I'm just curious how I look to other people because I pretty much never get hit on or complimented or anything (I'm kinda shy yet how I dress is very stylish and I'm chatty with people I know so that could be the problem) Thanks


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  • Without knowing what you really look like... this one is pretty hard to answer. If you're happy with how you look like, trust me, that's all you need. As far as guys not hitting on you or complimenting you? If you come across as more of a "tom-boy" you might not get as many compliments. Not because of how you look, but because, at least with me, if a girl is more tom-boy-ish I treat her more like a boy, and boys don't compliment boys very much. If not... being shy makes you less approachable. Therefore less likely to be randomly hit on.


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  • I think you're quite beautiful...

  • It's really hard to judge based on just the description you have. Based on your height that weight is a little too much. But I also have no idea how you're proportioned so I can't make an accurate assessment


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