If I eat a carrot everyday, what will that do for me?

Just wonderin how healthy this is and what carrots do for your body. I heard that Carrots are more heathier when they are cooked versus eating them Raw. What you think?


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  • Eating 1 carrot a day will do nothing for you.

    Carrots are best when raw.Tomatoes are best when cooked or even made into sauce because lycopene(an antioxidant) is absorbed better in our bodies.

    To obtain full benefits of fruits and veggies,they have to be a part of your regular diet and eaten on a daily basis.

    Someone is going to come on here and say "eating too much raw vegetables is bad for you"

    No,it isn't if you 're following the food pyramid.It's only bad when eaten excessively.To Americans anything healthy is oh too much.

    Carrots are great for hair and skin,although some people say when carrots are eaten excessively,their skin color changes.

    Carrots contain beta carotene,which is basically Vitamin A,as well as antioxidants.

    But you can eat them cooked if that is what you prefer


    • How many should you eat in a day?

    • Just carrots?You shouldn't only eat carrots,that is bad for you as too much Vitamin A can be toxic and cause hair loss and diarrhea etc.

      3-4 servings of fruits and veggies a day.

    • oh ok

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  • I've heard that if you eat so many carrots your eyes will eventually turn orange...but I think my mom was just getting me to eat more carrots...

  • Well, I know for a fact that they don't actually improve your eyesight.

    It was actually a rumor started by British intelligence during WWII to hide the fact that they had radar technology to detect Nazi aircraft. They created a rumor to explain why more Nazi bombers were being shot down; the RAF pilots were eating carrots to improve their eyesight!

    Cool stuff.


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  • where did you hear that its healthier to eat them cooked over raw? I've always hear the opposite. Carrots are great for your eyes and give your skin a "tanned" glow if you eat enough. But don't eat too much or you will be orange! haha

    • On the news one day they had a health news part and the lady sis Carrots are more healthier cooked

  • it'll make you have better skin

    • It doesn't taste so good but I can tolerate it.

  • Eating a carrot everyday won't do much for you...

    • so how often?

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    • oh OK thanks

    • You're welcome.