Soothing lotion?

Does anyone know of lotion that soothes skin in the private area? I normally shave down there but for some reason I'm getting a bunch of little red bumps from irritation lately :(

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a soothing lotion, oil or something that is safe to put in that area?

Thanks for any help :)


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  • I too shave my private area, and I too know about the bumps, I was told for one that I needed to use a Schick Intuition razor down there, I guess the lather or someting it uses, and follow up with Avon's after shave body lotion in a blue bottle, I think it is Skin So Soft, but the shaving one.. Works for me.

    • Cool thanks, I'll give this a try :)

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  • Well I have this same problem but I don't know of any ltions that are safe for there except that Vagisil stuff that's for itch and it relieves stuff like that. but if you don't want that try shaving perpendicular to the way the hair is growing. that relieves itch and bumps for me.