I tend to dress a little alternatively, as well as having a couple piercings. I was wondering whether I'm just not "dating" or relationship kind of material? I also am not the most outgoing person around. I've been told that my piercings and stretchers (which are now a tiny bit bigger than in my dp) make me unattractive. Does anyone think this is true, or that I'm intimidating? Or that I'm even half decent to look at. Lol.


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  • yeah I can't take goth looking girls like you seriously. I'm sure there guys out there that can, and I would maybe have sex with you, but I could never date a girl like you. I only like "girly girl" type girls


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  • Wow, you have beautiful eyes. I have a friend that I've always had the hots for and you look like a younger version of her.

    • Thank you :3 my eyes are like my only asset.

    • You have other assets though you might not feel that they are all that attractive. Soft lips, smooth skin, good skin tone, calf muscles, hourglass figure, sensitive areas, ticklish spots, etc. The female body is very beautiful and erotic if one takes the time to notice. Even the most unusual area might be appealing like a collar bone.

    • Funny that... I like collar bones. It'll take me a while to find other assets of my own, though.

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