I want a cute guy like Rj berger.

I always wannted, a sweet, adorable guy like rj berger, from the hard times of rj berger.

when I tell people that, they don't believe me, since my ex boyfriends are known to be very good looking, with amazing bodies. I love abs on a guy, biggest turn on.

but I started watching the hard times of rj beger, and he's the sweetest thing ever. if there on any guys like that on here, let me no! :)

oh and the guy I've been in love with is exactly like rj berger, and when I noticed how alike they are, was when I relized, I love shy awkward sweet adorable nerds :) but he's not interested in me at all D: why are nerds just as hard to get?


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  • As much as I love me some Tyson Beckford and David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, I like seth rogen...something about him is just attractive,but he certainly isn't ugly.

    I like nerds


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  • Because nerds usually have other and better stuff to do rather than picking up girls.

    Btw, who's Rj Berger anyway?

    • okay well they should take a break!

      and rj berger is from the MTV show, the hard times of rj berger, and hey he tries to pick up girls, so what you said isn't 100% true. lol.

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  • You have to just as nerdy to win a nerds heart. Every nerds dream girl is a girl who is beautiful sexy and cute...and nerdy at the same time. Sometimes a pretty face alone can't win over a guys heart; you also have to be nerdy, or else he'll view you as boring. Hope I helped. :)

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