Guys, what do you think of these colors on me?

I am not a girly girl and I don't like the color pink very much to be honest. My favorite color is red and I love to wear clothes that are the color red or black. I love to wear like jeans and a red top or a black top and sometimes I just love to wear all black, lol, I think black is such a beautiful strong color ... hmmm I'm not goth, and I usually don't wear all black but I love the colors brown, black, and red. Those are my favorite colors and I love to wear clothes like jeans with a top of those three colors. I don't like pink. Oh I also love the color green. So guys, would you think this is cool that I prefer these colors instead of pink and wearing clothes of those colors instead? Do you think it would make me more attractive and compliment me more?


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  • red is my favorite color too. black has a slimming effect so neither are bad, in my opinion. all depends on what you look like of course

    • Oh cool! That's cool that red is your favorite color too! Haha, we have the same favorite color! I love bright red, and also dark/blood red. I also love dark brown, black, and dark green. I like bright green as well too. But yeah, those are my favorite colors out there. Haha. I think black is so elegant, and against my skin tone it looks good. I have tanned skin tone. But more of an olive to light complexion to be more precise. I think black is so strong, intense, beautiful, and elegant.

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    • Oh how interesting. Lol, thanks for sharing. That's funny how it reminded you of him. Very cool.

    • yep

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  • Men are more attracted to women wearing the color red, studies have shown. And as for your other wardrobe colors, as long as they suit your skin tone I'm sure you look fine in them.

  • it's not about the colors of the outfits, it's about the styles

    • Yeah, I think style is important too, but I also believe color really matters too. It makes a bid difference in the appearance of a person. Thanks for your answer though.