Having a new years debate . .

Soo is it true its bad luck wearing black for new years.?

Because for new years I'm planning to

Wear a tight pencil skirt color black,

With a white office looking blouse,

Some pearl and silver jewelry and

Black high heels . . is it tooo much black.?


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  • that sounds like an outfit someone 30 would wear, not someone under 18. But yeah, it's not bad luck at all. but I always wear something bright and happy and hyper, etc something fun

    you should wear a fun, bright outfit

    something like these:




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  • People who believe in bad luck give themselves "bad luck", if they didn't do something that they think would give them bad luck, then they would brush it off as an accident, but suddenly because they broke a mirror or some sh*t, it's bad luck. So if you don't believe in it, then at most you'll have an accident. But not because you're wearing black.

    Also, the outfit should be fine, but it seems a bit like something you'd wear to the office (as you said about the blouse) so be careful it looks like a party outfit, not office wear.

    • Yeaa very true . .

      I just came up with that outfit since

      I don't have any idea what to wear

      And new years is tomorrow -.-

      But thanks for the advice(:

  • I've never heard that wearing black is a bad omen. Black is classy and sexy in my opinion. Since you're under 18 your current outfit sounds like "office chic". You should wear something more simple, like a LBD (little black dress) with some cute pumps and a silver bracelet or necklace.