What is proper etiquette?

Ok my guy friend who I am very very very close with wants to take me to a high class restaurant. He said I would have to dress casual. I can handle that part. But I have never experienced something like this before & was just wondering what is proper etiquette? Where do you place your napkin things like that. I know this may sound dumb but honestly he said its different then going to like applebees. So do you eat a certain way? Thanks for your help guys & gals!


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  • first of all *relax* - it's supposed to be an enjoyable experience!

    if it's a very posh restaurant are you *sure* you're going to dress casually? normally people dress up for for places like that. I'd suggest double-checking with your guy.

    so the rest of this is british/european - YMMV in the USA:

    in a high class restaurant the waiter will usually hold the seat for you as you sit down, and will put the napkin in your lap (but feel free to adjust it to the way you want - just don't tuck it under your chin like a bib ;) )

    there's probably going to be a lot of cutlery: don't panic, the procedure is just to go from the outside to the inside with each course.

    your glassware will be on the right - there may be separate glasses for different types of wine, but don't worry - the waiter will pour to the correct one.

    also, your bread plate will be on your left - stealing your neighbour's bread plate is a common problem ;) . if there's a common butter dish, the usual etiquette is to take a bit of butter from the dish & put on your own bread plate for use with your bread, rather than direct from central dish to the bread.

    with rolls, it's actually acceptable (& proper) break them with your hands, rather than cutting - the butter knife you get often is incapable of cutting & you end up sawing away with no result if you try using that.

    with soup, the polite method is to scoop *away* from yourself, and tilt the bowl away from you when finishing the last bit. using your bread roll to mop up is acceptable.

    there's other details - check google for lots of etiquette info, but above all bear in mind that the waiters are there to make your meal *more enjoyable* . they should be attending to your needs, and your friend should be able to look after you too. this is supposed to be a pleasurable experience, so relax, enjoy & don't get stressed out by what might be expected of you.

    have fun

  • I had to study this in french class in high school like 7 years ago, but I remember to start with the outer most pieces of silverware, and work your way inward (edge of the table-towards the plate) with the forks, knives and spoons. No elbows on the table! lol. And I think the napkin goes on your lap (I could be wrong on that one). But I know the smaller/outer forks are for the appetizers and the forks closest to you are for the main course. I don't remember much else. Hope this helps somewhat.


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