Guys preferences when it comes to hair color!

What's the hair color you prefer for a girl? ... in other words what color usually attracts you?

  • Blond hair
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  • Brown hair
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  • Black hair
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  • Red hair (I mean the natural red-headed)
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  • Other (specify)
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  • Good question. I've heard that a guy's preferences in the female reflect those of a female in his early childhood that he liked. I'm not saying that it's true or not. At an early age I preferred brunettes and then in high school it was blonds, but now I seem to prefer brunettes again. I don't think hair color has anything to do with personality, but it seems that I am now more attracted to brunettes than woman of any other hair color.


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  • Blonde is generally the most attractive, but in a close second comes brunettes.

    • when you say "brunettes", you mean with brown or black hair? or both?

    • You can't actually get black hair per say, just a very very dark brown.

      By brunettes I mean maybe the lighter half of the spectrum from chestnut-Hazel

  • I like blonds primarily (though sometimes brunette does suit the individual girl better).

    After that I like redheads.

    In this category I do like some more exotic colours, like when girls dye their hair pink and such. Normally they have a better idea of what suits them, but I do think bright exotic colours look good.

    Brown - I find brunettes (hair colour, not personality) to be boring. A rich light brown can look good though.

    Black - Put some colour in there.

    Ok one thing I do have to say is that all of the above for the most part applies to caucasian girls. Girls of other ethnicities I find tend to pull off the brunette look better though I think it's because blond and other looks too unnatural on them. I'm sorry if that's not very helpful.

  • red, purple or green

  • mainly I'm attracted to brunettes & black hair


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