What do you think of this dress hoomans of gag?

its for me highschool ball
is a lillll out of my comfort zone so im just considering at this point (its not till next year but apparently everyone's already got one so jesoos i gotta hurry) (also expect a lot more of these asking to judge dresses)

i think the colour would be flattering as my skins quiet tan, and the neckline is what i was looking for
butttt im iffy about the back, but my hair will be out so it should cover most of it.

IDKKK tell me what u think , it also comes in wine red or blush (both of which im also considering). and its only $80 dollars!!! which is cheap af compared to most of what I've browsed through.


What do you think of this dress hoomans of gag?

What do you think of this dress hoomans of gag?
dammit forgot to do it as a poll

thats the dress in wine red, if u click the link u can see it in blush too


Most Helpful Guys

  • Looks nice, is the leg cut being that high going to be a problem? If it's not a problem then it's a standard prom dress.

    • i was thinking about that actually, I don't know doesn't it kinda looks she's really popping her leg out so it might be pushed up a little higher?

    • If you're sold on it, can't try it out in advanced, and it turns out to be too high you can always use a safety pin or something non-destructive to stop the split at the height you desire.

  • id like it in red, but that's cause it's my favorite color

    you're not impressing me, or the rest of gag though. you're trying to impress your date. You go by what he's wearing, not what we're saying


Most Helpful Girls

  • I think it would be stunning on you in wine red considering your skin is tan. The dress itself is quite pretty, but I would definitely wear a bracelet and a necklace to go with it, particularly gold. I'm assuming your hair is dark like mine, so the contrasts would be stunning!


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