What are products that you love?

The products that I love and would be very sad if they took off the market are:

- Aus fit aerobic DVD's

- Bio oil

- 'So Good' soy milk

- Sticky spots

- Jalna yoghurt

- Rio underwear

- Remington hair straightener

How about you?


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  • I'm all about the best of the cheapest. Most everything on my list are budget-oriented brands of products where you get way more than what you pay for.

    Teknic & Scorpion motorcycle riding apparel

    -Teknic and Scorpion are two brands of motorcycle safety gear that operate at the very low end of the price spectrum. They're considered "budget brands." However, their quality is significantly higher than you have a right to expect in this price bracket, easily competing with brands that cost twice as much, even the "premium" brands.

    Knox armor

    -Knox is a brand of safety armor made for a variety of extreme sports use (from motorcycle riding to dirtbiking to BMX riding and more). They are, in my opinion, the best.

    Morningstar Farms veggie burgers

    -I've tried numerous brands of veggie burgers and Morningstar Farms are the ones that come closest to tasting like real burgers. The fact that they're microwaveable seals the deal. Can't live without 'em.

    Dean Guitars

    -I've played numerous guitars in my life and, unless you can afford to drop over a grand, nothing competes with Dean. Their $400 guitars can match the quality, playability, and sound of other guitars upwards of $1000.

    Peavey Amplification

    -Same as Dean Guitars. Nothing else you'll find at this price point can match the quality. Sure if you can afford to spend over a thousand bucks, you'll find better, but the truth is most of us can't. And in my experience, nothing on the lower end of the price spectrum can compete with the sound of a Peavey solid state amp using their patented Transtube technology.

    Craftsman Tools

    -They may not be on the level of Snap-on or MAC but unless you have a job that requires working with professional-grade tools on a daily basis they'll do you well, and for not a lot of money.

    Shark helmets

    -Makers of the only sub-$200 motorcycle helmets that scored a 4 star safety rating in the SHARP helmet safety tests. What more can you say?

    LEGO toys

    -Speaks for itself. I mean, they're awesome. You can do whatever you can imagine with them.

    Hanes underwear

    -I buy Hanes boxer-briefs from Wal-mart for a 6 bucks per 3-pack. Comfiest underwear there is.

    ASICs crosstrainers

    -Awesome crosstrainer shoes for not a lot of money.

    Kawasaki & Suzuki motorcycles

    -Seeing as how Honda and Yamaha don't even put any real effort forth to produce bikes for the rest of us who don't need or want the price tag or performance level of a full blown supersport, I have to give my love to Kawasaki and Suzuki here, who make it a point to fill their lineup with bikes that understand you don't have to spend big bucks on a full-blown track bike to be able to get your thrills on the street. Thanks to models like the SV650, Gladius, ER-6n, GSX650F, Ninja 650, and more, we can enjoy sporty bikes without the high insurance premiums or unforgiving nature of racebikes.


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  • The only branded products I can think of would be food related.

    - Badger beers.

    - Pataks curry pastes

    - Hawes Dairy Wednesleydale.

    Otherwise, they already have taken the things I liked off the market like original skampi and lemon niknaks, or the Converse boots that were so comfy but lasted ages.

    I think the world would be a sadder place without lego.

  • ipod

    electric razor

    laptop computers


  • IMR-4895, heck, the entire IMR reloading powder line... *shudder* don't LIKE to think about life without it...

    and WIN-231 and Unique for pistol reloading powders...


    the REST I can adjust...

  • Sausage and Egg McMuffins, mint chapstick, dental floss, my stereo, my iPod touch, and chopsticks.

  • Taco Bell

    Natural Ice Beer

    Old Spice deodorant

    RC Cola

    Bacon, any kind of bacon is good. I love bacon.

    Sour gummy worms


What Girls Said 7

  • -Chi hair products! I really love the shine infusion and it smells really good too

    -my mountain hardwear monkey fleece cause it keeps me oh so warm

    -glade ocean breeze candle...although I haven't found it anywhere lately...so kind of worried it is discontinued

    -sprint tv! I am a college student that doesn't want to swing for cable but I can watch pretty much everything I need on this app. I can even watch lifetime movies...haha love it!

    -pledge multipurpose cleaner, in the spray bottle, yeah...I am kind of obsessed with cleaning products it is kind of weird ...but I love my place to smell good and look clean!

    -my gucci guilty perfume...amazing

    -my sephora makeup kit...it has like a 100 eyeshadows, tons of glosses, eyeliners, lipliners, blush, etc.

    -my marmot gloves that keep my hands oh so warm in the winter

    -my merrells...I have had them for six years and still wear them just as much as when I got them...most comfortable shoes ever!

    • Great list, Sephora is a good product it has everything in one so you can always match them. And I have a cleaning product fetish too, if I actually find one that works I buy out the store ;p

    • haha awesome!

  • products I currently love

    Kooky pens

    Queen helene facial products

    Montagne jennesse face mask

    green tea

    cetaphil lotion

    aeries yoga pants

    gilly hicks cheeky butt fleeces

    revlon photoready foundation

    little big planet

    • kool (I had to google half the things you said) lol

      I have a kooky pen, it makes me laugh

  • -Apple iPod Touches & iPhones

    -CHI Straightener


    -Atari(I bought it for $20)

    -Mrs.Bairds Cherry Pies

    -Mr.Bubbles Bubble Bath

    -OPI Nail Polishes

    -Borders Book Store(Love it)

    -Bottled Water(Fiji and SmartWater in particular)

    -Chicken Fried Steak with Mashed Potatoes(not a brand,but I love it)

    -American Eagle Jeans

  • - Biggest loser workout DVD'S

    - Nivea

    - Dolce & Gabbana (Italian perfume)

    - Bonds Underwear

    • Really, are the biggest loser dvds good? are they aerobic? and high intensity? I hate slow workouts.

      Love nivea hand cream.

      I'm a Syd girl too ;)

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    • k thank you!

    • no worries

  • burt's bees lip balm. couldn't live without it

  • Bio Oil.. does that stuf really work?

    • YES! it's fantastic! use it 3 times a day for a year and scars will disappear / fade

  • ~Burt's Bees lip products

    ~Redken AntiSnap

    ~Chi Silk Infusion

    ~Too Faced makeup

    ~Kat Von D makeup

    ~Apple iPod

    ~HP laptop


    ~Victoria's Secret bras

    ~Victoria's Secret yoga pants

    ~Sensodyne toothpaste