Tired of looking "cute," I need a hot makeover!

I would love to look Hot for once, and now that its almost the new year I would Love to make some changes. I m waiting for my hair to grow down to my waste but so far its only above my boobs. I don't want to buy extensions because it would look way to unnatural plus I don't want to spend a fortune, plus I have no idea where to buy good ones.

Any suggestions on how to change my look?

Ya see I think that's the problem I m so impatient for my long hair. I ve had short hair a few times and I always feel sexiest when I have long hair. I know my boyfriend love it when its long! I m just not sure about the extensions.
So I m wondering would hair extensions be worth it.?
I would love to be JAW dropping beautiful.
I was just thinking about dying my hair all black but I m kind of worried about how that might set back my hair growth...i mean its not like I m bleaching it but still...argghh...


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  • Being cute isn't a bad thing :P

    but if you ever decide to get extensions these link I've heard have great reviews and they don't cost a fortune and this video channel can explain everything you need to know at them link . you could also change up the way you wear your makeup , try watching beauty gurus on youtube link but you look fine the way you currently look

    • defiantly get the clip on ones, human hair though, youtube can teach you everything about caring for it, putting it on, styling it

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    • So I died my Whole head black, my mother hates it my boyfriend thinks it s nice. Only thing now is everyone seems to want me to grow my bangs out. I m not exactly sure that would look better I ve had no bangs before and it makes me look round faced.

    • i have a roundish face and I read on magazines that side swepted bangs look better for rounded faces

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  • Whats wrong with being cute? Personally if there were two girls in the room equally beautiful (one "cute" one sexy"), I would chase after/ try and get to know the cute girl, I think its more attractive.

    • I really need some change to boost my self esteme I would love for guys heads to turn when they look at me not my cousin, sam., me

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    • I m sure if you saw me in a room you wouldn't come running, Honestly I don't understand if my boyfriend even finds me that sexy at all...after the whole thing that happend.

    • Don't say that... you just have to be confident, confidence is the sexiest trait in a woman. Its fair to say that confidence alone won't make you attractive but with your good looks and new found confidence you'll get a lot more looks.

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  • I know you said you're unsure about extensions, but if you have Sally Beauty near you they have some good ones. I used to wear extensions and the ones I got there were like $50, which were kinda cheap but it's good for short term use, otherwise they had like $80+ ones that were much better quality. Also, you can just go on youtube and type in different makeup tutorials and a lot of people on there seem to know what they're doing :) Just have fun and play around with some new styles.

    • We don't have a Sally Beauty in my city. I m not even kidding. I was thinking of getting some blond highlights I really wanna go for that Surfer girl look. Mostly because my guy is a surfer and loves natural laid back simple styles.

    • Well yeah highlights would be a good idea too. Usually you can find places in your area having a special and you can get a bunch of highlights for $20-$40 dollars. Kinda spendy in my opinion, but maybe I'm just cheap like that haha. But they last so it could be a good investment.

  • -Wear make-up that covers and hide imperfections you have

    -Smokey eye says sexy

    -Straighten your hair if you don't already.Curly says cute,straight says sexy

    -Wear clothing that is tight and accentuates your body shape(in a good way)

    -Act confident and act sexy...gotta convince yourself you're sexy first

    -Take care of your body,hair,nails and skin

  • im always being called sexy and I wish I would get called cute so in my opinion I think your lucky I would rather be called cute

  • yeah it is very hard to get natural looking extensions that aren't really expensive but you always could look on eBay and just give it a try. And your hairs not the only way you can change your look and be sexier

    • Ya like I not sure it s worth it...my boyfriend doesn't like the idea of extensions either...But I would DIEE for my long natural hair. I was thinking of getting some highlights ..only the bleach will set my hair back a little in health

    • as long as your not bleaching your whole head I'm sure your hair will be fine or you could maybe even try low lights

  • -Don't get hair extensions. Real ones are a lot of work and money. Use good hair growth shampoos, conditioners, masks and products in the mean time to make sure your hair stays healthy and keeps growing so it will eventually reach your waist.

    -Wear makeup. A little foundation, blush, bronzer, and mascara can go a long way. Makeupalley- link has reviews for products you'll want to be buying. And YouTube gurus (search HollyAnnAeree, Frmheadtotoe, Juicystar07, makeupbyTiffanyD) will show you exactly what you need and what you need to do to wear makeup the correct way.

    -Wear perfume. A light, yet sexy scent.

    -Whiten your teeth with Crest or Listerine whitening strips.

    -Dress for your body shape. Show off your curves or play up something else- link Go shopping at stores like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Express, Wet Seal, etc.

    -Be happy. Smile. Laugh. Guys like confident girls.

    -If you're like me and get pasty during the winter, you could do spray tan or self-tanners.