How much do people care about foot odor these days if at all?

I personally thought that it was in peoples best interest to keep the best hygiene everywhere on the body. I recently went to a movie with some friends and one of my female friends took off her shoes in the theatre. She didn't have to tell anyone our noses did the detection. I kinda hinted at the problem and she's like "Whats the big deal everyone's feet stink and we can't do much about it."

I was just wondering what's up with that?

Im keeping in mind that some people have conditions and such and sweat more than others but some of the people I went to the movies with were like and so? One of my friends even said that his girlfriend doesn't care cause "its natural and man scent" lol
Also if you were dating someone with this problem what would you do?


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  • No, I care about it.

    I hate it that a lot of girls always go bare foot in dress shoes and they start to get really smelly after awhile. :(

    • True I hear ya it can get bad I don't know y pepole go barefoot in shoes the purpose of socks is to absorb some sweat and bacteria.

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    • hmm so if you were dating someone with this problem what would you do?

    • Buy her some foot powder?

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  • Smelly feet are nasty. Sorry.

    • Yep that's what I thought to

  • EWWWW I think you should never stink ha ha there are products you can use to keep your feet from stinking so yeah its gross haha

    • True some gotta try harder than others

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  • that's rude. someone should slap her with her damn shoe.

    • Lol she thinks its natural and so do few others but I don't know bout that.

    • dude, that's just nasty. who the hell wants to smell feet in a theatre, or anywhere for that matter.

    • I hear ya so if you were dating someone and they had this problem what would you do?

  • Hahaha I put baby powder in my shoes, they have a lot of product for your feet, so I hate it when people say that lol. I had a girlfriend and she would wear slippers all the time, even outside, and then just take them off whenever, it was horrible smelling.. worse than my hockey equipment XD.

    • Wooooww damn and whatd you do about it?