If you see a 10/10 girl what are the 5 curious questions about her you want to find out?

or 9/10
I believe 10/10 doesn't exist. πŸ˜₯


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  • I don't really have particular interest in 9/10 to be honest, not any more than like 6/10 (going by 5 as like Japanese average: slim and in decent shape but maybe not the prettiest face).

    The closest I ever dated to 9/10 was maybe 8.5/10. She was a professional swimsuit model though. But she became very human over the course of dating, sleeping together. It wasn't like her body was made of magic. It was flesh and bone like all the rest, and while she was a sweet and fun-loving person and not conceited in the way one might expect of a model, she wasn't the most interesting girlfriend I ever had, and actually sex with her wasn't that amazing (little bit of a star fish).

    Meanwhile I dated maybe a 6.5/10 one time (on first impression) and she became like an 11/10. I found her body so attractive, and the chemistry and connection so strong in and out of the bedroom. So now I don't find like a 9/10 much more interesting than like a 6/10.

    Maybe I'd talk to her and might be interested in being friends or dating if I was single but not any more than any girl I found reasonably attractive.

    • None of this has to do with "inner beauty" or any of that shit. I mean just "beauty". A 9/10 might be eye candy but it's not like her skin is much smoother, or that she smells any nicer, or has a nice voice to listen to, or a body that feels nicer to hold, or any of that than one which might be rated lower. So even from the standpoint of sheer beauty, I don't necessarily find a 9/10 more attractive than 6.5/10, and those numbers could shift over the course of dating and sleeping together a lot.

    • So I'm like "whatever". What questions does she have for me? :-D I'd treat her like any other pretty girl, perhaps with some slight interest and curiosity about her name and where's she from, but again I doubt with any particular enthusiasm.

  • What her interests are, her eye color. If she enjoys being outside and being apart of the community. If she needs a partner in crime. If she has time to get a drink. If she has any dogs or what her favorite animal is. I'd also ask her favorite colors and if she believes in God.

    • Those are more than 5 questions πŸ˜ƒ

    • I like to get to know someone. Also fergot you said five. I honestly could have kept on going :)

    • Yes. If I like someone I will have 1000 questions for asking them.

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  • I don't think I can answer this honest without sounding rascist! Just kidding, Marisol. I think k it's a great question. Not one I should answer. I can't even give you honest excuse without sounding some how massoginiusgic. Buy Marishol if you can commit to giving you 5 questions! ;:).

  • What are things you like to do for fun?
    What's is the purpose of life?
    What's your past and heritage?
    What do you want to be? (If younger than 20)
    May I have your number)

    • Philosophical questions 😐

  • -Is she single?
    -What does she look for in a guy?
    -What her personality is like
    -What her interests are
    -Does she like to travel?

  • 1. You: Fuck me if I'm wrong but did dinosaurs exist?
    2. aye sexy hows it going?
    3. $100 for one hr okay with you?
    4. hi, can I have a female's opinion on something?
    her: **rolls eyes** expecting pickup line
    me: ****runs***

  • I honestly don't see them as any different to anyone else obviously very beautiful but you don't have specific questions for a very smart person or very creative person (ok maybe how tos) clear skin, shiny hair etc.

  • 1. How many men has she been with?
    2. How do her feet look like?
    3. How shallow is she?
    4. What’s her view on abortion?
    5. What are her personal morals and virtues?

    • I think the answer to the 4th question can be found in the answer to the 5th one.
      2nd one is weird 🀣

  • What's her name?
    How should I approach her?
    What are my chances with her?
    Is she out of my league?
    Does she think I am attractive?

  • What kind of blindfold does she like?
    Cuffs or ropes?
    For spankings paddle, crop, or bare hand?
    Slave, Sub or Little?
    And what's her safe word?

  • Is she a stripper/prostitute? Does she have an education? Is she single? Is she my type at all? How do I approach her successfully?

  • Probably not ask her anything. Perfect girls don't exist. It is only an illusion πŸ˜‚

    • Which is why I said 9/10😁

  • 1 where's her significant other
    2 I wonder if she will talk to me
    3 where she's from
    4 whats her name
    5 what's her favorite food

    • Maybe she is single.

    • From my experiences in life usually a girl like that is snatched up as fast as possible so slim chance of them being single.

  • Who's up there running heaven if she's down here

  • I want to find out (1) where she lives , (2) who are her parents , brothers and sisters , (3) whether she is single , (4) whether she likes me and (5) when she will marry me.

  • Is she single?
    Is she a slut?
    high maintenance?
    gold digger?
    Will she truly love me or leave me for someone?

    • What answers of hers would be perfect for you?

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    • Yeah. I know what you mean. But if she says she is single you won't ask your other 4 questions. Mostikely you will ask if she is newly single or inborn single πŸ˜‚. Inborn haha...

    • Most likely... OMG.

  • who's she?
    where's she from?
    her age?
    is she taken?

    • what exactly do you mean by who's she?

    • whats her name, where she lives etc

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