I need an honest answer is it possible?

Ok so I'm really concerned about the way guys looks at me because my older sister (which is only 2 year ls older than me) is always saying that I'm to cute to f**k... Like she says I look really innocent and stuff...kind of like a cute little Teddy bear that you just want to hold? Like what does that even mean? I always get complimented on a regular basis on my looks but is there such thing as being too CUTE?


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  • Guys dig the inoccent thing, every guy wants to corrupt a alittle angel so that is something you can really use to your advantage. Don't sweat it you'll definitely find a guy you like and wants to pop your cherry.


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  • I'd think no. I mean everyone's got another side right?

    Um, do you think your cute an innocent? Or is there some bad thing that you know keeps you from being innocent.

    I have also been called cute, and innocent. And Trust me, I'm far from innocent.

    I did something for my guy friend, which wasn't so innocent, and it surprised him a lot.

    I think guys looking at you differently would come up. I mean, have you done anything out of the ordinary for a innocent little 'teddy bear'?

    But I just mainly think that guys are trying to unlock a puzzle? You seem innocent, but are you really innocent? Or they might be thinking, she's so innocent, but she won't be when I get a hold of her! Haha, I'm no guy, so it's probably better to get a guy's opinion on this. But that's just what I think.

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