Can a pretty girl intimidate even the most attractive guy?

like a player or just an attractive guy with lots of really pretty friends that are girls

forgot to mention that the guy is confident as well


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  • Yup...just because the guy seems very attractive doesn't make him the guy with ultimate confidence that can never be broken. I come off as intimidating to a lot of girls because I'm a hansom guy (I'm not trying to be cocky). But it's funny becuase I may come off as the strong confident guy, but really I'm just as shy when I see a beautiful girl in my view. I just try to hide it the best I can and approach.

    But pretty girls to one guy is something else to another. So a guy may seem to have confidence but really he's just being his true self and not attracted to a girl. It varries on certain men.

    But to answer your question, yes. Even the most gorgeous male in the room may be short of breath when he see's a pretty girl. It just depends on the guy. Players 'in some situations' can be intimidated. Guys who get girls a lot may not have any trouble with a confidence issue unless they see a really unique looking pretty girl...that may totally shoot their confidence down and make them intimidated.

    • what do you mean by unique looking?

    • A guy that gets a lot of girls has a high confidence level and most likely isn't intimidated by just another pretty faced girl because he gets girls all the time. But if that guy see's a "uniquely" gorgeous girl he most likely becomes intimidated. When I mean "uniquely gorgeous" I mean beyond beautiful to 'him'. Something he's never seen..someone truly different and gorgeous at the same time..someone he'd view as "out of his league". Now that would make a male nervous. Hope that helped.

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  • not if his confidence is genuine. there are plenty of pretty chicks out there, and a truly confident guy knows that he can likely get with many of them. but if she was like absolutely stunning, id say I might be a bit timid. but like really hot haha

  • Yes they are.

    Even the great looking guys who girls can be intimidated.. It just depends what is "pretty" or "beautiful" to them.

    Are pretty girls Intimidated by good looking guys too? I'm just curious.


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