Is it true that the more beautiful/handsome you are, the meaner you get to be?

my friend has an ex. her friends think she's ugly as hell. while he thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world (at the time of course, lol). so when one of her friends said "prettier girls" and "hotter dudes" get to be meaner just cause of how they look, I was shocked. I don't get it I mean, we're all human, regardless of how we look. what gives them more of the right to do this than less attractive people. I'm not saying I'm unattractive but..its just I thought this was a little I guess you could say absurd.

so is this true

p.s. his ex (the mean girl) has no friends and knows this. she treats people like crap because she thinks she's pretty. like I said. her friends think she's ugly


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  • I don't think in this case it's necessarily a case of "hotter people act meaner". I've known many very attractive people who are very nice to everybody.

    In this particular case, it sounds like that girl is mean because she's got some weird view of reality. If nobody thinks she's pretty but she's fascinated with her own appearance, there's something else going wrong. Most people have a fairly good idea of what they look like in relation to other people. If even her friends treat her like she's not pretty but she still sees herself as super attractive, she's got some sort of weird complex or something, and that's probably what's causing her to be mean to other people.

    (Maybe I see things this way because I'm in college, where most people are fairly nice to each other, I do remember back in high school it was pretty vicious, I'm not exactly sure how old you are but age can play a big difference in these things)

    • shes 18

      im 21

      hes about to be 22

      and her friends are under 21 but older than 18

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  • I think when people think they are attractive ( I'm talking like they think they are the most beautiful person in the world and no one is better then them) they just look down on everyone else and see no reason to be nice to people they think they are better then. I think the statement should be "the more beautiful/handsome you think you are, the meaner you are". To be honest when I'm in a really seriously bad mood I act like this, also I don't think just because you are a "prettier girl" or s "hotter dude" you should be allowed to get away with being rude/meaner but sadly they do, also they get free stuff :P


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  • Cause when you're hot everyone wants to kiss your ass all the time. So you don't have to worry about being an asshole, there will always be another ass-kisser at your feet the next day.

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