I have trouble smiling. How can I look happier?

I don't want to seem line an emotionless person, but I almost never smile naturally and if I try to fake it, it shows and looks very awkward, like I'm just baring my teeth for no reason. I want to look happier, because I'm not a neutral person all the time. How can I look happier?


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  • It has to come from within, spend time with people who`s company you enjoy and do things you like

    • I do, but unless something is exceptionally pleasing or funny, I just have a neutral expression.

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    • That comment made me smile, thanks!

    • Your welcome

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  • Some people are stoic like that for no reason. Usually, when you're not smiling you don't look particularly enthralled or happy. Try to not look menacing or aggressive with your facial expressions and eyes. And I'm not one to just be friendly, happy and smiling 24/7. So the thing you'll need to do is practice in a mirror until it looks somewhat natural. Try thinking of something funny or really cute (Example: your puppy). A genuine smile is always best.

  • You can't force it


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