What do you think about those red bikini?

What do you think about those red bikini?


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  • 😂 again? I knew this was your question just by seeing the photo.

  • Awesome! Even with her fake small boobs.. it looks super nice!

    • Could you wear something like that

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    • @Ellie-V are you serious? ... lol
      They’re clearly fake! I dislike how the fake look looks... like two hard balls placed on a flat chest... some surgeons make a more natural look ands it’s difficult to tell but here it is evident! Yet the suit looks super! From the color, to the style and the color on her skin! But they’re clearly fake, she must have had nothing at all cause they’re small.

    • There are sewn-in darts in the breast section. That automatically makes her nipples look bigger than they are.
      Her body is toned and slim... I don’t think she had surgery on her boobs but I do suspect her breast shape looking a bit weird because the lady probably works out.
      Also... she’s outside... wearing strings 😂 it’s possible that she’s just a little cold

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