Should I wait for him?

My best friend was at a friends place and my crush was there too.

I left 2 hours before the talk.

They were drunk and my crush said to her:

"Look, I just love 2 girls in my life, they both hurt me and since then I can't start a serious relationship without being 100% sure that I love that girl. And Vanessa (that's me) is such a cute and fun girl and she's beautiful, but I wanna be 100% sure before starting a relationship. I was an asshole before, but now I'm not. That's why I couldn't kiss her tonight, because I don't want her to put her hopes up, when I'm not sure"

What do you think? I mean its great that he takes it seriously enough to not play with me, but how is this going somewhere when from now on he won't do anything with me?

ps: we made out a lot, and we got more intimate too, just no sex .


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  • sure, wait for him, let him get ready. but when you do get together you have to be strict enough to make sure he doesn't go back to being an asshole.

    • The thing is he doesn't know if he has feelings for me that's why he is going a little bit on distance and doesn't wanna kiss bla bla. But if we don't do ANYTHING anymore, then how is it possible for him to develope some feelings?

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