Hair color help?

I'm thinking about dying my hair but I'm not sure what color I should dye it. Can you help me please?

Here's a picture of me --> link

Here's a link of the hair color chart --> link

I went and got the color. I wanted the Red Hot Cinnamon but they didn't have it, so I went with a Roasted Chestnut :) thank you for your help


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  • In the picture it looks like you have hazely green eyes.

    Hazel eyes will reflect a different dominant color with each of these colors. Blond hair tends to bring out the lighter colors in hazel eyes such as blue, green and yellow. Brown hair will bring out the darker greens, brown, gold and gray. Red hair will display brown and gray highlights in hazel eyes.

    ~Lets go with the basics.

    You will need a warm toned hair color, since you have fair skin. It will give warmth to you skin since you have a cool or neutral undetone.Warm tones look best on people with pale skin tones.Warm tones will bring out the bright colors in hazel eyes, particularly greens and gold, or if you have green eyes it will bring out the lighter green or yellows in your eyes.

    ~So now you have the choice of blond, brown, or red.

    Blonde; I don't think a pure blond color will suit you. It will drain the color from you face, and you eyebrwos are dark. So I would stay away from blone, though you could do Higlights of a dark blond if you wanted

    Brown; Brown is you safe bet here. It is most likely to turn out well. I wouldn't do a deep brown, as it will wash you out as well since you have a cool undertone. I would go with a chesnut, auburn, or chocolate brown.

    Red; You could do red, though I wouldn't do pure red, I would do Auburn

    ~ The BEST colors for you are; From Clairol’s Perfect 10; Red Hot Cinnamon, Dark Golden Brown, or From Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color Chart; Medium Golden Mahogony Brown or the HoneyDip for a lighter option.

    My Choice for you, Red Hot Cinnamon. I think I would great<3

    • I'm really liking the Red Hot Cinnamon :) thank you, I think I'm going to go with this color :D

    • Thanks! I really love that color, I might do my hair that color some day<3 I love it!

      Best of Luck!

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  • All those hair colours are really nice and most of them will surely fit u..


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  • Medium Champagne would look pretty with your skin tone

    • Is there any darker hair color that would look good? I find myself weird looking with blond hair...

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    • lol even darker? French Roast and Light Golden Brown would look good

    • I like the French Roast and the Sparkling Amber