I wish I was some kind of a mind reader to understand him!please help!!!

So,this guy who goes to my college really confuse me!the whole thing started long time ago I noticed him staring at me and I thought may be I have something on my face:)but with time I caught him staring at me every time he noticed me at campus even from a far distance or in a crowded room!and he turned his head away every time I caught him anyway I thought that's cute:)one day he was staring but when I caught him he kept on staring that time till I felt shy for some reason and looked away,anyway we talked later on because we had a project together he seemed so cool and nice but the next day(on talking to me face to face for the first time)he seemed so nervous did not know what to say!so why is he that nice ,cool guy when we speak on the phone and like that when we meet ,days after that we were talking at campus this time he was quiet looking into my eyes the whole time of conversations and following my eyes then suddenly for no reason he looked away while talking !I when ever I am talking to a guy friend he cuts in never when I am with girls,he stops his conversations with his friends 2 look at me when seeing me,and the new thing now is when we are in close distance but standing with different groups he keeps taking this glimpses (looking at me) the whole time!so what is going on in his mind?

by the way he is just that nervous around me with everybody else he is that cool funny guy!

thanks for your help in advance:)


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  • i think that he likes you but doesn't know how to approach you because he feels somewhat intimidated, it seems as though he obviously has you on his mind because he keeps looking at you

    maybe you could find out some of his interests to talk about, so he can become more comfortable talking to you. hope this helps


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